Significant Ideas for Bathroom Demolition

Significant Ideas for Bathroom Demolition

It is worth thinking about gutting it and beginning again unless you have a brand new home when it comes to bathroom demolition. There are difficulties you would never have discovered, much less been able to fix, if you had not opted for a complete demo. Here are ideas based on experience if doing bathroom demolition 

Eliminate Pests And Repair Any Termite Damage.

When first, opening the walls, you may discover extensive termite damage to the main wall studs. Thankfully, the damage may not be recent, but you must have an exterminator come out and spray just in case. Even though pest management formerly protected your property, it is not always that way, and it may have previous damage, as mine did. Make sure you do your homework.

Remove Any Rotten Floorboards And Sub-Flooring And Replace Them.

You may discover some twisted and decaying sub-flooring beneath and near to the bathtub after discovering termite damage behind the walls. It’s due to poor ventilation and the floor becoming too damp because some tiles had shifted and were popping up in that region.

Promote Adequate Insulation.

You may need some insulation; when our neighbour’s ice maker broke down and flooded, it blew away a section of our shared laundry room wall, which is insulated with R-11 fibreglass. You may assume this was the case throughout the property but were unpleasantly startled to discover different types of insulation throughout, which explains why you need a bathroom demolition. 

Find And Repair Any Air Leaks.

There will be a few leaks in any property built decades ago. There can also be numerous significant holes after searching around the basement, but you may not know how many—Celotex, fibreglass that nearly always leaks, is used to coat the walls. However, if you are feeling optimistic, it is one more enhancement for the new bathroom! It is advisable to test for leakage both before and after to ensure you have covered everything.

Bathroom Ducts and Fans

You may believe that if your bathroom has a window, you can open it and let the air circulate naturally, eliminating the need for an additional fan. You would be completely wrong. Even if you have a fan in your bathroom right now, it is probably not blowing enough air to prevent water damage. An average bath fan barely circulates about half of the airflow that it is rated for.

Take Care Of Any Plumbing Issues First.

Although you may not be a plumber, you can always tell when something is not right with your bathroom. Pipes are linked so that even a professional could never access them without removing the wall, and valves were not fully open. You may have someone unexpectedly discovered a few fundamental plumbing errors, which we were glad to have corrected.

If you are contemplating a bathroom demolition, this information helps you decide whether to complete bathroom deconstruction and gut your bathroom. You can address difficulties at once, not to mention the fact that you may discover items that require repair that you were unaware of. Always hire a professional for any bathroom demolition and contractors who have the necessary permits and expertise.

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