Scott Beale Aviation ighlights The Various Types of Aircrafts Used in the Aviation Industry

Scott Beale Aviation ighlights The Various Types of Aircrafts Used in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the twentieth century, with the ever-increasing number of travelers who choose to travel by air. As per Scott Beale Aviation that aviation industry uses a number of aircrafts, each of them distinctly crafted for a specific purpose. Here are a few types of aircrafts commonly used in the aviation industry.

  1. Commercial airplanes:

The commercial airplanes are the most commonly seen aircrafts in the airports, as they are often used to transport large quantities of cargo or a large number of passengers from one place to another. These commercial airplanes have scheduled hours of arrival and departure, and are available in a variety of sizes,ranging in size from a single-engine freight carrier to the massive Boeing 747. A commercial airplane also covers a wide range of distance at a wide range of speeds, which may range from less than 200 miles per hour to a supersonic speed.

  1. Helicopters:

Helicopters are a very common type of aircraft, used for a variety of purposes, including relief work, shooting of films and police work. Helicopters have the special ability to hover at a fixed spot, which makes it an essential tool to reach spots where landing may not be possible. Helicopters are also used to carry cargo suspended in slings, and are widely used by civilians as well as the military.

  1. Business aircrafts:

Business aircrafts are airplanes specifically owned by businesses to transport cargo as well as employees from one place to another. Business aircrafts are generally small in size, transporting around nine people from one place to another. However, some business aircrafts are Boeing jets which travel long distances, often up to 1500 miles. These airplanes are generally used to save time for high ranking employees by freeing them from the rigid schedule of commercial flights in the airports.

  1. Seaplanes:

Seaplanes are specially designed planes intended for take-off and landing on water. Scott Beale Aviation says that these aircrafts generally have floats instead of wheeled-landing gear so that they can land on water. Sometimes their hulls are also shaped like that of a boat, and are often seen in Alaska. These planes are often used in Alaska or other rough zones and to reach remote water bodies. Sometimes the seaplanes are amphibians, that is, they have retractable wheels for landing on land as well as water.

  1. Ultralight airplanes:

The ultralight aircrafts are small airplanes that are used for personal use as well as commercial purposes. These aircrafts are usually lighter than air and are ideally used for shorter journeys. These lightweight aircrafts carry around 5 gallons of fuel and travel at a speed of up to 63 miles per hour.The ultralight aircrafts also take off and land at slow speed.

The different types of aircrafts in the aviation industry require a special set of personnel to ensure its smooth functioning. Thus, the aviation industry is one of the most popular avenues of employment in today’s world.

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