What are the different models of portable toilets?

What are the different models of portable toilets?

Whether you are organizing a large gathering or managing a construction worksite, a toilet will be needed at the site. Your guests cannot be left with inadequate restroom availability nor can the workers at the worksite be expected to perform well without this basic facility. In such scenarios, construction of a permanent toilet might not always be feasible and commercially viable. Portable toilets are a feasible and economic solution for such situations. There are multiple models of portable toilets available in the market and you can hire any of these, basis your need.

Deciding amongst the various options can be a bit overwhelming and hence you must understand various models and their features. Further in this article, you will get a good idea about various models of portable toilets and get necessary information to be able to make a choice.

Various models of portable toilets

To know which porta potty will best suit your need, read below and narrow down to the most suitable model of portable toilet.

  1. Standard portable toilet: These are regular single-unit toilets. They do not flush and neither have a handwashing station. Their holding tanks are smaller hence these portable toilets portable toilets are best suited for short events. This is one of the cheapest option available and hence are often rented in bulk for events or gatherings.
  2. Deluxe flushable portable toilet: A portable toilet with flush that often includes accessories like mirror, handwashing basin or side urinal. This is larger than the standard unit. Commonly used for events or gatherings where hygiene is a priority. This type of portable toilet is preferred by parents.
  3. Construction porta potty: This is like a standard unit with an additional feature that enables it to lifted with a crane to higher levels of a construction site. With this added feature, it finds use in high rise construction worksites.
  4. Trailer mounted portable toilet: This is a standard unit which is mounted on a trailer which is towable. The trailer is built with durable tire for safe towing. This is best for mobile worksites like road construction, disaster relief, etc.
  5. Portable toilet trailers: These are luxury portable toilet which resemble residential restrooms. They have flushing system, lighting, counter space, running water and a modern interior décor. This is the most high-end version of portable toilet and hence finds use in weddings, corporate gatherings or other luxury events.

Above are the most common models of portable toilets and you can add features to the standard toilet to make it more useful. For example, adding a handwashing station will promote hygiene, a baby changing station will provide added comfort to parents of infants. If you are conscious about the environment and wish to do your bit it in protecting it, then you can opt for green porta potties or solar porta potties.

Promote hygiene with your portable toilets

With a setup to allow people to attend to nature’s call and do it hygienically you will be able to promote good health and good hygiene practices. Your guests will be much happier and satisfied and the workers at your worksite will be healthy and more productive. With portable toilets, you will prevent contamination of the site and keep it clean. If you want to promote the practice of handwashing and maintaining personal hygiene you should add a handwashing station to the unit. Make sure you also stock up enough soap and sanitizer, so that people can use it at the handwashing station. Have proper garbage disposal bins and make sure your service provider maintains the portable toilet well. They should periodically empty the holding tank of the toilet and clean them properly. This will keep the unit clean and thus ensure a pleasant experience for those using the toilet.

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