5 Tips To Help You Find High-Quality Persian Rugs Online

5 Tips To Help You Find High-Quality Persian Rugs Online

Persian rugs are popular all throughout the world, which has subsequently made them hot ticket items within the online rug shopping industry. Finding Persian Rugs Online is always a lot easier said than done, but when you take advice from industry experts you’ll inevitably put your online rug shopping experience on the right track.

We’re very fortunate to have partnered up with the rug specialists at Rug Source to support us in creating this list of 5 tips oriented around finding Persian rugs on the Internet, so take it from the digital rug shopping experts in that the following factors are what you should be keeping in mind during your online rug shopping experience!

  1. Knot Count

Knot count is always one of the first and foremost factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for area rugs online, and most high-quality rugs will have at least 120 knots per square inch or more.

One tip to keep in mind when it comes to examining knot count is to flip the rug over and closely look at the underside. You may not be able to actually count the amount of knots on the back side of the rug, but this part of an area rug will undoubtedly speak volumes about its overall integrity.

Authentic, handmade rugs will always have a soft backing, and machine-made rugs will feature more knot uniformity.

  • Rug Material

Most high-quality Persian rugs are comprised of wool or silk, and there are also many options that blend these two materials together. A 100% silk rug will have an incredibly shiny finish to it, but wool is going to be the most common rug material to choose from when you’re shopping of authentic Persian rugs online.

What’s particularly alarming about shopping for rugs online is that you won’t be able to actually touch the rug in person, so you’re going to need to be shopping with reputable outlets that won’t sell synthetic rugs and mark them as authentic wool rugs.

  • The Rug’s Color

Color is always something that should play a major role in deciphering which Persian rug is your very best option, because you’ll want to ensure that you’re buying a rug that entails natural color dyes.

You’re also going to want to make sure that your new area rug’s colors match well with your room’s existing aesthetics!

  • Staying True To Your Budget

One of the most important things you can do as an online area rug shopper is establish a budget that you’ll stay true to during your shopping and research stages. It can be pretty easy to splurge when you’re quickly browsing through endless online inventories of high-quality Persian rugs, however it’s always best to have a budget and stick to it!

  • Determine The Overall Use Of Your New Persian Rug

The last tip within this list is to have a thorough understanding as to how exactly your new Persian rug is going to be utilized within your home, because this will ultimately determine what type of Persian rug you should purchase.

If you’re going to place your new area rug in a high-traffic area of your home, then you’ll want to ensure that it’s durable and practical for those intended purposes. Some people will hang Persian rugs up on their wall, so this will be a whole different ball game in terms of what you should be looking for.

You should also keep your lifestyle in mind while shopping for Persian rugs, including if you have children or pets.

Reach Out To The Rug Experts At Rug Source To Learn More About Shopping For Persian Rugs Online!

Finding Persian rugs online is always a lot easier said than done, but when you work with industry specialists you’ll make things a lot more simplified on your end.

Contact the experts at Rug Source via the link at the top of the page to learn more about their massive inventory of Persian rugs!

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