When It’s Time To Call A Commercial Electrician In Dayton OH

When It’s Time To Call A Commercial Electrician In Dayton OH

For business leaders, property maintenance and repairs can seem like a huge hassle that impacts your bottom line. This may be true in some regards, but we all know how important it is to take proper care of our commercial properties. 

And when something goes wrong with your property’s electrical system, it’s time to call in experienced electricians. The commercial electrician dayton oh experts at Yoder Electric have provided us with a comprehensive list of moments in which it’s time to call in your commercial electrician.

So, take it from the electrical industry leaders in that the following scenarios are serious warning signs indicating that you’re in need of professional help! 

Flickering or Dimming Lights 

When you’ve recently replaced light bulbs and they’re still flickering on a consistent basis, this is a warning sign that you’re dealing with a poor electrical connection. This is a problem for countless properties, most of which haven’t received an electric inspection in a while. 

This is a very common warning sign that it’s time to reach out to your local commercial electricians! 


Grounding is essentially the concept of reducing the likelihood of electrical hazard contact points, and this is particularly an issue in commercial properties that have tons of equipment and people. Grounding creates safe electrical paths for currents to return into the ground, just in case a short circuit occurs. 

Proper grounding is incredibly important for all commercial properties, because these are the properties that tend to require the most electrical output. 

Excessive Power or Loss of Power 

When your building’s power sags or dips intermittently, it’s a glaring red flag that your electrical equipment has become damaged. This is often the result of faulty connections and worn-out materials, and it’s a sign that you’re going to need to get certain connections either upgraded or fully replaced. 


Electrical overloading is always a serious safety violation in any commercial building, but of course, it still happens all the time. Overloading can put buildings at risk of electrical fires and melted wiring, so this is an incredibly dangerous scenario for any property!

Electrical Failures 

Industrial, commercial-grade equipment requires much more electrical power as compared to residential counterparts, which is exactly why commercial properties need specialized electricians for all of their maintenance, installations, repairs and replacements. 

You simply can’t hire any electrician for your commercial needs, and when your system is experiencing electrical failures, it’s a warning sign that your property is in need of a complete electrical reboot. 

Electrical Surges 

There are all sorts of reasons why a building may experience electrical surges, but the most common is poor wiring. Although many electrical surges will only last a few seconds and may even go by relatively unnoticed, this is a serious warning sign that your system is about to fully malfunction. 

Don’t neglect even the slightest of surges, because this is another sign that it’s time to call in the electrical pros! 

Abnormally High Electric Bills 

When strange changes happen with your property’s electrical bills, it could mean that you need to double-check your devices and pinpoint what’s using more power than usual. 

But when you haven’t installed any new equipment in the recent past, there could be an issue with your electrical circuits and/or wiring. Be sure to call your local electrician to help you diagnose the source of your skyrocketing bills! 

Consistent Breaker Tripping 

Although it’s typically not that big of a deal when a circuit breaker trips every now and again, it’s a more significant problem when the trips are occurring on a more regular basis. Short circuits can cause all sorts of electrical issues, including electrical fires. 

Improper Electrical Installation & Usage 

It’s always an unfortunate scenario when a business owner finds out that their electrical system wasn’t installed correctly, because it may necessitate an entire re-installation project. There are all sorts of proper installation standards that must always be abided by, and when they’re not, it’s a sign that you may need to hire a new electrical company. 

Improper usage can also contribute to many repairs, so you should always instruct your employees and building tenants about proper electrical usage! 

Contact The Yoder Electric Team When You Need A Commercial Electrician Dayton OH

The above warning signs are all very important for business leaders to consider when they’re managing a commercial property, and the good news is that your electrical issues will always be swiftly resolved when you hire an experienced team of specialists. 

If you’re in need of a commercial electrician in the Dayton, OH area, contact the Yoder Electric team to support your unique needs. The Yoder Team is just a couple clicks away when you go through the link at the beginning of this article, so get in touch with them when you feel as though something is wrong at your building!

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