Food Delivery Lockers –The Trendy Way of Delivering Food

Today, life is extremely fast-paced – household chores, work, childcare, family pets, and a host of other daily responsibilities. This is made the need for innovations that make life easier and more convenient, heralding the growing importance of heated food lockers and the food warmer cabinet as part of daily life. 

Commercial Food Warmer Cabinet

The concept of keeping food warm was developed to facilitate faster food delivery and boost more acceptance. Today, food can be cooked at home or the takeaway restaurant and kept warm and fresh until it is time to be eaten or taken out. The food warmer cabinet is an excellent way of ensuring people get quality meals on a timely basis while still warm.  

The Working of Heated Food Lockers and Cabinets

Heated food lockers and cabinets have grown in popularity during the Covid19 Pandemic as a risk-free and contactless way for people to buy and collect food. The technology has promoted the survival of the fast-food industry and aided its growth as it avoids human-to-human contact as per the Covid19 prevention protocols. In addition, to assist in disinfection, UV light can be added to the food warmer cabinet. 

Restaurants and takeaway joints are trying different ways for their customers to unlock the food lockers. Some lockers come with a touch screen or pinpad. The customer will need to enter a unique code sent automatically to their mobile phone when the order was placed. Others can be accessed by scanning a QR code or by replying to a sent text message. Customers have the option of paying either by card or through a system of biometric facial recognition.

Advantages of Using Heated Food Lockers

Customers can order food in advance or via the restaurant’s app and then pick it up from a pre-selected locker or food warmer cabinet. In addition, these devices are helping contain the spread of Coronavirus by maintaining social distance with restaurant staff. 

Many restaurants are also letting their customers chose a collection time when to place an order, which helps in reducing the amount of time spent waiting in the restaurant or takeaway joint and the number of customers waiting in the queue.

A food warmer cabinet from China-elockers is the perfect solution if your office or business holds many meetings or conferences within the premises. The meals can be delivered in safe heated food lockers and stored in a food warmer cabinet until the time to eat comes. Our heated food lockers make sure that the food stays hot and hygienic, whether picked from a restaurant or just keeping it warm for lunch. 

No matter when or during what occasion you choose to use a food warmer cabinet, you will not only get to eat hygienic meals but easy access to healthy, warm food. No more cold and frozen meals!


Using heated food lockers is an innovative way of ensuring people eat healthy and warm meals. This is a particularly great solution for office buildings, retail complexes, hospitals, banks, and universities. In addition, the option of using a food warmer cabinet is pleasing to many employees who want to enjoy a warm meal in daily life because of the limited time available for them to visit restaurants. 

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