Professional Air Conditioning Frenchs Forest Services provide you with numerous tips and solutions to maximize the performance of your air conditioning system and also reduce electricity consumption. These tips and tricks are given below:

  1. Thermostat Setting- Set your thermostat’s temperature between 72°F and 78°F. Reduction in temperature below 78°F will go on increasing your electricity consumption by 8 per cent at least, increasing the cost of electricity per year.
  1. Keep an Eye on the Energy Efficiency Ratio- SEER meaning Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is often used to rate the efficiency of an air conditioner. If you cannot do it yourself, then ask your nearby air conditioning Frenchs Forest services to check it for you, now and then. This shall help you to operate and adjust your system better.
  1. Check Refrigerant Charge- Often the circulating fluid in an air conditioner is a special type of refrigerant gas that is inserted during system installation. Overcharging or undercharging of the air conditioning system with refrigerants, may not let the machine work properly. Therefore, regular checkups are required.
  1. Reduce the Workload- Just like living organisms even machines require rest. Make proper and responsible use of the gifts of technology. When it is not necessary to use the AC, don’t leave it switched on. Alternatively use kitchen fans and passive cooling mechanisms to reduce the workload.
  1. Don’t Use Add Ons- Try not to use add ons like dehumidifiers when the air conditioner is working. Using a dehumidifier at the same time can increase the cooling load forcing the machine to consume more electricity.
  1. Use Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners- ACs having the option of reversing the cycle of refrigeration can work as heat pumps during winters. It shall serve your heating needs instead of cooling. The heat pumps are significantly more energy-efficient.
  1. Proper Maintenance- At regular intervals call the nearby air conditioning Frenchs Forest services for cleaning your air conditioning cum heating coils. The indoor coils in air conditioning systems act as a magnet for collecting dust as it remains wet throughout the cooling season. Dusty indoor coils can cause your AC to not function properly. Even the outdoor coils should be checked for dust build-ups.
  1. Thorough Inspection- See that your air conditioning Frenchs Forest experts do a thorough inspection of your AC at regular intervals. One must always check the wiring, casing and insulation for corrosion. Check whether pipes have suffered any damage, examine refrigerant running pressure by connecting gauges, check the condenser fan’s functioning and speed as well as clean the filters. One should always check for oil leaks and pay attention to unwanted noise.

Thus, choosing the right brand and professional for air conditioning Frenchs Forest services is very important for delivery, smooth installation and optimum performance of the air conditioning products. The above maintenance tips and tricks shall surely ensure greater efficiency.

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