Techniques and benefits of contiguous bored pile foundation

Techniques and benefits of contiguous bored pile foundation

The most used foundation system to reinforce your building foundation is the contiguous bored pile. Constructors prefer this method because it can carry the load of the building below its foundation. Also, you can use it to retain your walls by placing them continuously against the soil to resist the pressure from the soil. This article will explore the techniques used in this technology and its benefits over the other systems.

Techniques used in contiguous bored pile foundation system

Continuous flight piling

It is one of the most used techniques. First, the drilling of the piles is done, then they are concreted in one continuous operation. It will allow you to do a much quicker installation.

The two procedures have to be followed to make the pile strong. You have to place the steel cage and then pour the wet concrete. The constructed foundation from this technique can withstand the different types of building loads.

Cased Secant Piling

This technique is cost-effective in bored pile foundation. It uses the flight auger with casing linked to traditional piling methods such as rotary piling. You can use this method if you want to do secant piles. You can also use it in most areas despite the soil condition.

Large Diameter piling

It is a powerful technique that uses hydraulic rigs. You can use it when you need large piles with large diameters. Adjustable attachments such as buckets, core barrels, or augers. You can use them to adjust the diameter of the pile. 

Benefits of using bore pile over the other system

  1. It is not difficult to build a foundation for various building loads and soil conditions.
  2. Contiguous bore pile is the most cost-effective method if you try to compare it with other technology for foundation construction.
  3. In contrast to the other foundation construction technology, this technology has its unit as a single pile. It has a pile with a small cross-section. This will allow you to have flexible geometries than the other types of foundation construction technology.
  4. Bored pile foundation can withstand more structure load than the other method. The capacity to resist the load capacity will depend on the reinforcement which you use inside them.
  5. You can use this method in a more difficult condition like liquefaction.
  6. A little amount of time and money is used in the construction of the bored piles foundation. 
  1. This method is also suitable for densely populated properties. This is because the expansion of this method is done vertically rather than the other method which is done horizontally and may end up messing up the other people’s property foundation.

In conclusion, the construction of contiguous bored piles can mostly be done using continuous flight piling. The gap between the piles can range from 5cm to 15 cm. Also, you can construct a permanent wall facing the wall of the tied piles. This is the ideal choice you can use to construct a foundation for your structure.

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