MBA Programme in Singapore for Foreigners

What Are The Different Kinds Of MBA Programmes?

MBA programmes in Singapore have become rather popular these days. Much of this is because of the career prospects and advantages that these courses offer. These MBA courses represent the very best in professional education. This is also clear in the way companies hire students from these programmes. They know how well trained these students are and the service that they can offer to them. So, it is great to be an MBA student. Now, the question that you need to ask is what programme you should choose.

There are lots of options you have in this case. You need to know about them properly before you make your mind up.

Flagship MBA Programmes

When you think of the MBA programmes in Singapore, this is the first option that comes to mind. These are basically the best MBA programmes of the schools that offer such courses. They are mostly one-year programmes that allow you to get deep insights into the actual world of business. You learn about various business models, various academic theories, and philosophies of management. However, you need to have some work experience, around 2 years, to become eligible for such a course.

Professional MBA Programmes

When you are choosing a professional MBA programme, focus on factors like global MBA rankings of the same. This would help you make the best choice. The classes in these programmes are mostly on weekends. They last for around 18 months, thus making them ideal for part-time students. The schools that offer these programmes design them in such a way that they can create the business leaders of tomorrow in the shortest time. In these programmes too you need around 3 years of professional experience, so they consider you to be eligible for the same.

Executive MBA Programmes

The executive MBA programmes in Singapore are for part-time students. They help senior leaders of various organizations. They teach them how to be innovative in their work and bring about a transformation that makes a positive and major impact on the organization. You need a lot of work experience in these cases too – near 8 months. These programmes create the leaders of tomorrow. It is courses such as these that are reshaping the business world at such a top rate these days.

Country-specific MBA Programmes

Some MBA programmes in Singapore also provide you specialized knowledge of working in certain markets. The schools that offer these programmes organize them in association with schools from the country that acts as the central point of focus. The governments of those countries back these courses. The principal aim of these programmes is to develop business leaders who can work in these markets. Key components of these courses are international perspective, cross-cultural sensitivity, and strategic thinking. They teach students the way to create a sustainable future for the world. You need at least 8 years’ experience to study in these programmes. These are 22-month programmes, which makes them such a great option for part-time students.

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