Selecting the Perfect Coffee Table for your Mid Century Modern Room

Selecting the Perfect Coffee Table for your Mid Century Modern Room

The Mid Century Modern design has been popular within these last few years, and rightly so. It is a classic ode to the original Mid Century look, stemming from the 1950s. A style that has stood the test of time for 70 years is a sure feat.

If you want to bring this design style into the new century, look towards your living room. It is one of the best spaces to design! What better place to add this classic look then in your coffee table…the centerpiece of any seating arrangement…literally.

Here are some factors to look for when selecting your perfect Mid Century piece.

Choose Walnut Wood

Walnut wood was the choice for furniture back in the original Mid Century days. The rich color and fine wood grain exudes those classy 50s vibes. It is a sure way to add some luxury without going overboard. While there are many walnut veneers and MDF look-a-likes out on the market today, opt for the real deal. With the heavy use a mid century modern coffee table gets, you want to make sure it can stand up to the challenge.

Go for Tapered Legs

Another classic feature of the Mid Century look is tapered legs. These iconic feature of Mid  Century design helps in creating a streamline and seamless look for these wood furniture pieces. Originally, these were often made of wood, but with today’s modern take, you can find fun metal options such as brass.

Look for a Thin Frame

Mid Century furniture has a slim profile to it. This sense of airiness and openness was a futuristic look for the time. Today’s modern version still remains true to the same shape. Look for a coffee table that doesn’t have a lot on the underside. This keeps your overall space from feeling less stuffy and cluttered with big and bulky furniture.

Add some Brass Feet

To add a touch of glamour to your coffee table, get a table with some brass leg caps or feet. Brass was the metal finish of the 50s and it has made a huge comeback in today’s modern design trends. This little detail elevates a normal coffee table and helps to pull together other brass elements in the space, such as table lamps, drawer pulls, and décor.

Opt for a Pedestal Table

If a traditional rectangle table just isn’t working in your living room’s layout, try a round coffee table. The Saarinen table is one of the most famous table to come out of Mid Century design. This white pedestal table puts the Modern in Mid Century Modern, as the plastic material was new for its time. With its white color, it works perfect in many room styles.

Looking for these characteristics will give you the perfect Mid Century Modern coffee table that will transform your living room. Happy Shopping!

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