Get premium aerial and drone stock images from the right place

Whatever you do – manage your own blog, create some media content, have your website for some purpose, make some writings or learning content – additional photos and videos could be a great support for any of it. Currently, it’s not the issue to find such content on the Internet. Since 2000, the number of image stocks has grown as digital cameras and camera phones improved and became more accessible. So now everyone is a photographer. And that can be a painful issue – you have such a huge market, but not all products are of high quality. So, you need to spend some time looking for not just the solution that meets all your style requirements, but also a premium one.

The World is More Beautiful From Above

If stock photography has been a revenue stream for ages, the situation with stock aerial photography and videography is pretty different. Before using drones, the only way to make an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter with a licensed pilot and send them up into the air at the perfect moment. But the biggest pain was to receive permits from the city administration.

Drones resolved that issue and not only made the process of aerial photography simpler, but also started to produce great and more qualitative footage. Videographers received a versatile and flexible filming tool. Photos from helicopters or airplanes are still relevant, as they are “bird’s eye view.” However, there is mostly drone stock footage on the Internet. From the technical point of view, drones also have more advantages, as their weight is less than 55 pounds. They have 4 or more rotors that provide lift. You need only one pilot to control it, and this person also operates the camera that can record High Definition video. Only pros, right?

Currently, if you need a social or TV marketing campaign, additional aerial videos can be a worthy supplement. A few well-placed video shots can breathe life into your project. Researches show that 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. But it’s not so easy to find quality and license stock videos because of a lack of specialists or very specific requirements. That is why it’s so important to check sources, which could provide you with the best video pieces. 

High So High

HOsiHO can provide you unique and stunning aerial stock images (videos and photos), shot legally by aerial artists and drone pilots from all over the world. We have more than 200 professional artists and different tools’ pilots: drone, helicopter, or airplane, that can create amazing shots for you from the best angles and locations as our specialists are from all over the world, where they always have legal flights. Helpful filters on our website will help you to find the best drone stock footage, which can be purchased and licensed online from our page.

There is a wide range of topics and locations, and you always can find what you are looking for. But with HOsiHO it is not a problem anymore as you can submit an image search request. For that, you just need to tell us your main requirements, such as location, subject, technical details (angle, light, format, size, duration, etc.) and any other valuable information. And we will do our best to make your wish come true in a short period of time.

We provide quality, unique, and original footage as our specialists are truly talented artists with strong passion, knowledge, and own styles. Besides, HOsiHO’s artists always keep a hand on the market’s pulse and know what is popular and what the customer wants. So, you can be sure that you’ll find exactly what you want.

Great aerial filming is more than knowing camera settings such as white balance, shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO settings. You should live for that and be inspired, like our artists. That is why you can rely on HOsiHO’s specialists, as reasons are simple:

          using our aerial stock images is much cheaper and easier than creating your own, especially if you have a strict budget and deadlines. Our pilots have all necessary equipment and access to the flights at each point of the world. The time saved on looking for the right place, finding a pilot, or setting up a shoot, can be better spent on other project’s points

          if you need specific footage from the specific location, you will not always have the possibility to do it by yourself. Rely on specialists that can provide you content from well-known locations across the world and from the exact angle that you need.

          even a few seconds of unbelievable and amazing drone stock footage can create a powerful and strong impression of your product or content. It can support you with storytelling and cause the right mood and feelings. Video could give your users unique and exciting angles and perspectives, and that will play an important role in your product’s promoting

          not all stock footage on the Internet could be purchased legally. Each element from our portfolio is licensed for public use, so you can be sure in our reliability

Make the best choice

You can fully rely on HOsiHO as we provide high-quality products. We suggest you a checklist with useful tips when choosing a stock photo and video:

          be specific in your search queries

          avoid legal issues

          select drone stock footage and videos that reflects and supports your content, but not distract

          low-quality aerial images can create a bad impression of your main content

          use relevant imagery

          avoid stock photos that look like stock photos

          be informed that stock videos typically range from 10 to 20 seconds

          if the uniqueness of photo or video is very important for you, you can check how many times it has been used before via special websites and tools

          video’s and photo’s orientation should depend on the platform, where you want to share it

          if you want quality, then, mostly, you’re going to have to pay for it. But it’s worth it, right?

Aerial videos and photos are practically everywhere – in your favorite TV series, movies, etc. You definitely saw them even in wedding video pieces. Short drone clips are a great ingredient that you can add on your video projects to keep it interesting and give it a ‘wow’ factor.

Drone footage is a powerful tool that you can use to help increase viewer engagement. Aerial video and photography can add elegance and bring a fresh perspective to your video content. It should be supported with premium images. Quality aerial footage can make you feel like a bird that owns the world. So, rely on specialists and fly to the sky with the best.