Ram Chary Offers Advantageous Photo Processing Tips

Ram Chary Offers Advantageous Photo Processing Tips

Post processing is the process of editing data captured by a camera while taking a photo in order to enhance the photo. The better the data captured with the camera, the better shall be the photo enhancement possibility.  While post processing cannot convert really bad exposure to excellent exposure, it does help enhance the image in many ways. Most experienced photographers like Ram Chary are pretty well-acquainted with photo processing.  This process usually has multiple stages depending on the kind of results a photographer is trying to achieve, ranging from editing of jpg to remove unwanted features to mixing multiple files to achieve a creative result.

Good post-processing can be pretty helpful in bringing out the emotions and character of a scene witnessed by a person. It is the key to transforming a good image into a great one. However, photo processing is not always an easy task. Here are a few tips that can help people to understand how to edit images in the most effective manner: 

  • Straighten the horizon for professional-looking photos: When the horizon is not straight, something looks off in a photograph even to the untrained eye. A layman might not be able to understand what exactly is wrong, but they would be aware that the scene in the photo seems out of order. This is the reason why all photographers must make sure that their horizon is straight. Fortunately, correcting the horizon is not a difficult task at all, and can be done almost through any post-processing program.
  • Adjust the white balance for natural-looking images: White balance is a setting that is used for the purpose of balancing the color of the light shot by the photographer in order to get it close to a neutral white. When the color of a subject gets distorted due to existing lighting conditions, white balance can be of a huge help in fixing the image. One of the ways to set the white balance properly is to get it right in-camera, but many photographers opt to shoot in RAW with auto white balance setting, and subsequently get the white balance adjusted.  In this situation, the white balance needs to be applied through a post-processing program.
  • Boost contrast to create images that pop: If the images look too flat, then adjusting the contrast can help in making it pop. A contrast adjustment works on separating the brightest and darkest areas of the images. This basically means that it makes light tones lighter and dark tones darker. 

The above-mentioned tips can be helpful for any person desiring to edit their photos to enhance their overall impact. Owing to the number of photo editing software and tools available today, the art of editing a photograph has emerged as one of the most important steps in photography. People can always learn more about photo processing through the newly launched blog site of Ram Chary, who is a pretty eminent photographer.

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