Kitchen counters: 2022 trends

Kitchen counters: 2022 trends

Are you one of those people who wish to be surrounded by the latest designs? Do you think it is time for your kitchen counter to have the recent trends incorporated? Is your kitchen looking tired and outdated? Yes, you have decided on kitchen layout design but are you still confused about the latest trends? To help you in your endeavor, we have compiled an exhaustive list. Tackling kitchen remodeling may be tricky but, with our help, you will be able to bring in new vigor only by redoing the kitchen counter.

2022 is the year of minimalism

Did you notice that more and more houses are adopting a clutter-free design theme? That is because of the minimalism theme that is in the air. Clean lines, smooth cuts and streamlined design that hide everything in plain sight are the future of the kitchen. So why should the kitchen counter stay behind? If you need to adopt the latest trends, keep these points in mind while installing a new kitchen counter.

  • Keep it simple – Jazzy designs, other-worldly textures, bold colors and eclectic accents are a thing of the past. It isn’t the 80’s anymore. You will need one color and a smooth finish on your countertop. 
  • Go lean – Thin countertops are perfect for a modern home. If you are about to buy a countertop, look for something sleek yet sturdy. Thick counters are no more in vogue. Also, the thicker your counter is, the more expensive it is; and the more complex is the installation.
  • Blend with the walls and cabinets – Your counter should seamlessly integrate with its surroundings. This means that if its color is the same as that of the walls and cabinets, you have a trendy counter.

Did you say natural materials?

While engineered materials and manufactured stones get the job done equally well, the latest trends point towards naturally extracted stones and even wood. How can natural materials help me? If this question bothers you, then keep in mind the following points:

  • Natural stones are pleasing – You might be impressed by the color options of manufactured materials and tactile feedback from different textures they offer at the shop however, once you install a kitchen counter made from natural stone you will understand how versatile and sturdy it is. 
  • Wood is your friend – Having wooden elements built into the counter not only enhances the form but opens a whole new world of possibilities in terms of functionality as well as kitchen layout design.

Being responsible and sustainable

You might have installed the best kitchen counter that pleases the eye. It might need the least maintenance but, if you did not think about the environment in the process, are you building the right thing? Did you know that a dreamy kitchen counter can be made from responsibly sourced materials and sustainable sources? 

  • There are great options to choose from that are produced through carbon-neutral processes
  • Wherever possible, use reclaimed wood or recycled wood from your old furniture.
  • Beautiful kitchen counters can be made through recycled glass and white cement. 
  • Did you know that the kitchen counter can be free of VOCs and plastics that harm the environment?
  • Sustainability is a big theme for the entire house makeover and is not limited to kitchens and counters. 

Every new year ushers in new trends and design elements. While having complex designs and open access was a theme for the past, the future warrants clean and seamless designs with an emphasis on materials that can be cleaned with ease. Also, give special attention to sustainability if you want to remain on top of the emerging trends of the near future.

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