Learn Various Methods To Maintain Your Newly Installed Bathroom Tiles In Perfect Shape!

Learn Various Methods To Maintain Your Newly Installed Bathroom Tiles In Perfect Shape!

Throughout the day, your bathroom gets a lot of use. It’s a wet area in your house. And mould and fungus thrive in wet environments. Aside from that, your bathroom’s floor and wall tiles are covered in dangerous germs and filth. Dirt on the tiles might also detract from the bathroom’s look. Another area that collects the most dirt and dust is the grout between the tiles. Tile Stores Bowral manager advises maintaining your bathroom tiles sanitary, germ-free, and looking their best, and you should clean them regularly. It’s especially crucial if you have children or elderly relatives at home.

What Are The Benefits Of Bathroom Cleaning?

Spots or stains on your bathroom tiles detract from the overall appearance of the space. Those areas might collect dangerous germs and bacteria if not cleaned for a long time. Dirt and dust can become caked on over time, making them even more challenging to remove. As a result, we at Tile Stores Narellan recommend cleaning it at least once a week. However, if you haven’t cleaned it in a while, you shouldn’t be concerned. We recognise that it may appear to be a challenging endeavour. However, we have some simple cleaning procedures that will make your task easier.

Stains That Need To Be Treated On The Spot

Mix 1 cup water with 1 cup vinegar to spot treat stains in your bathroom. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and squirt it on the afflicted region. Wash with water after scrubbing with a toothbrush. Use salt to remove hard water stains. Salt is a powerful disinfectant that also destroys bacteria. While cleaning with salt, make sure the discoloured area is moist. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the discoloured area and let it sit for 1 hour. Scrub the salt away using a scrubber. The stain should be mostly gone, suggests Tile Stores Bowralowner.

Bathroom Wall Tiles Cleaning

If you’re unsure how to clean bathroom tiles, we at Tile Stores Narellan got a simple solution for you. Begin by cleaning the bathroom wall tiles. Take a long, hot shower. The hot water vapours will loosen the dirt on your bathroom tiles. One cup of baking soda, 1 cup of lemon juice, and one bucket of warm water will clean your bathroom wall tiles. Mix thoroughly, then scrape the solution over your wall tiles with a sponge. Allow 5 minutes to pass once you’ve cleaned the entire surface. Then wipe clean with a clean sponge moistened with water.

Bathroom Floor Tiles Cleaning

To remove loose debris and dust from the bathroom floor, use a vacuum cleaner. Begin at the farthest spot from the bathroom door and work your way closer. After you’ve finished cleaning the walls, you’ll need to clean the bathroom floor tiles. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the walls. You can sweep the floor tiles if you want, but a vacuum will quickly remove stray hair strands and loose threads. When you’re finished, wipe the bathroom floor with a good floor cleaner, adds a specialist from Tile Stores Bowral.

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