Inspiring Sleeper Truck Customizations

Inspiring Sleeper Truck Customizations

Truck drivers who are in it for the long haul also need a place to rest. It is often the case that they find a humble abode in the sleeper cabin of their trucks. However, it can still be quite challenging for the drivers to find quality rest perhaps because they are still on the road. In this case, a sleeper truck customization may just do the trick, not only inside the cabin but on the truck’s exterior as well. Below are some of the most mesmerizing ones that you can find.


More often than not, over-the-road semi trucks are already equipped with a pull-down twin-sized bed. This allows truck drivers to catch up on their sleep during their break time. However, a customized cabin in a sleeper truck will prove to be more beneficial in terms of giving the driver quality sleep. In this case, it will help to install curtains to block out light from the outside, as well as a fan to allow air to circulate freely in the cabin.


A sleeper cabin doesn’t really have much storage space. This is the reason why generally, all that you can add are small shelves. Aside from this, trucking companies often impose restrictions on what truck drivers can store inside their vehicles. More often than not, the shelves that you will be able to install are just big enough to contain some of your clothes and toiletries. However, you can measure the interiors of your truck in detail to get the exact dimension of a storage shelf that will fit seamlessly in your cabin. In this way, you will have more storage space to organize your belongings.


Aside from a sleeping area and basic storage shelves, you can also customize a pantry in your cabin for food storage. In this way, you won’t have to wonder where you will eat because you can readily prepare your own food. A small pantry where you will be able to contain your food supply for the duration that you are on the road should already be sufficient. 

However, there is also the option for you to get a travel fridge or a thermoelectric cooler to ensure that your food doesn’t spoil. Otherwise, you can go for an ice chest cooler but you need to replenish it with fresh ice regularly to ensure that your food is kept cold.


Some sleepers come with a bathroom that proves to be extremely convenient particularly when you spend hours on the road. If your sleeper is one without it, consider purchasing a portable toilet that you can install in your truck. Rest assured that you will be able to choose from a wide range of sizes and colors available. You can even go for additional accessories that can keep your toilet not only clean but fully functional as well. In this case, you no longer have to worry about finding a restroom when you need one.


When you are driving for the long haul, there are instances wherein the power banks that you bring eventually run out of charge, leaving you without a working phone that you can use to get in touch with your clients. In this case, it is a good idea to customize your sleeper with electricity that you can use to charge up and power your devices. For this, you can use a diesel-powered auxiliary power unit or even an inverter to provide electricity in your truck. 

There is also the option for you to install a solar-powered energy station which is a more environment-friendly alternative. Regardless of the power source that you go for, with this customization, you will have the power that you need for your food storage and other appliances, as well as lighting and charging your electronic devices.

Cool hues

You can also paint the interior of your sleeper in cool hues to reflect your personality. The great part is that you can also incorporate the same color theme in the exteriors of your truck. An amazingly painted sleeper can be quite motivating to drive, particularly when it screams out your uniqueness and personality. 

Aside from this, you can also customize your dashboard to suit a certain theme. For instance, the use of wooden panels can provide a rustic appeal which is not only aesthetically pleasing but duly easy to work with as well.

To wrap things up, there are several things that you can do to customize your truck and there is nothing wrong in making it your own. After all, it is in your truck where you are most likely to spend most of your waking and sleeping hours. A customized truck will feel like it is a part of you, enhancing not only your productivity in transporting goods but allowing you to have a quality rest too.

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