Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher – A Maintenance Guide

Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher – A Maintenance Guide

A catering dishwasher and glasswasher are the most important items of equipment in a catering establishment and it is the most labour-saving device. It is a wealth of choice when it comes to buying a commercial dishwasher and glasswasher. This equipment is essential for the running of the catering business, hotels, restaurant and bar. It improves efficiency and provides an invaluable aid to kitchen staff in their daily activities.

Ensure the staff takes proper care of your dishwasher and glasswasher with the help of maintenance list and quick instruction manual.

Rinse Dishes Beforehand:

Pre-washing the dishes is a good idea before putting them into the machine. It will ensure you to get the best wash results from your machine and also helps to keep the inside of the machine clean and stop food debris from building up, blocking filters, pumps and pipework.

When your dishes pass through dishwasher always just wash off any big lumps of dried-on food which helps to maintain the dishwasher properly.

Blocked Pumps and Filters:

During the loading phase in a commercial dishwasher, teaspoons, lemon slices and other bits of food debris can be missed. If you experience a problem when your dish pass through dishwasher, always check that nothing is blocking in the pumps and filters.

Use the Correct Detergents:

There are plenty of detergents available on the market always choose the most suitable quality detergent for the dishwasher. When you buy a machine the supplier will always give a tested chemical that goes well with their machines.

Also, try a few different brands and one may work well in your water area so don’t rely on recommendations. Use the correct detergents for proper maintenance of your dishwashers and glasswashers.

Keep your water softener topped up:

Ensure that your water softener is topped up and running in all commercial dishwashers or commercial glass washer. To maintain your machine, make sure that there is a good level of salt and the salt is regularly replaced in your softener.

If the limescale is build up it may damage your elements, boilers and pumps. The limescale problem is identified if the machine inside is going white or you see the white marks on dishes and glassware.

Run Limescale Remover:

To keep your machine in top condition, regularly say once a week, run a cap full of descalers through your machine. The run limescale remover is inexpensive and will help to prolong the life of your machine.

If your staffs struggle to follow these instructions use commercial glass washer. Use a perfect commercial glasswasher where you do not bother with limescale, water softeners or even detergent.

Final Thoughts:

Dishwashers and glass washers last longer and run more efficiently when they are properly maintained. The important feature of the commercial dishwashers is the far shorter washing cycles than domestic machines and designed to improve the efficiency of washing large loads of dishes in the commercial kitchen environment. The maintenance guide helps you to handle your dishwasher and glasswasher with proper care that improves the efficiency of your machine.

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