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A Brief Guide on Different Types OF Firewood

There are different types of firewood, and it is very important to know about them. If you know a few things about the different firewood, then it will increase the efficiency and reduce the trouble. All types of firewood are not the same, and they do not provide similar results.

Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of different types of firewood, and you should choose the best out of all. There are two categories of firewood: softwood and hardwood. But the hardwood does not mean that this type of wood is sturdy. The hardwoods are not always hard, and softwoods are not always soft.

Here, in this article, we will discuss different types of firewood in detail:

Popular Types of Hardwood for Burning:

Let’s discuss different types of hardwoods and their characteristics in detail so that you can make better decisions. Find the list of popular hardwoods:

  • Oak

This type of hardwood is widely popular because it can be easily available everywhere. The oak firewood is very dense, and it can burn for a long time. The oak firewood is the best if you want to keep a fire for a long duration.

This type of firewood can be easily available for zero cost. The tree service provider also offers free firewood after offering tree services at your place such as North Shore Tree contractor offers free firewood Sydney.

  • Birch

This is good firewood because it can burn quickly, even if it is not properly seasoned. Well, there are various species of birch, and each species has different burning efficiency. The bark of birch can also be used as a fire starter. You can enjoy the best results if you mix the slow-burning wood with the birch firewood.

A Brief Guide on Different Types OF Firewood

  • Ash

This type of firewood burns quickly and produces a steady flame. The ash firewood provides good heat in output. This type of firewood is available for approximately $170.

Popular Types of Softwood for Burning:

Softwood can be quickly seasoned and ready-to-burn as compared to hardwood. The softwoods are light in weight, and they have low density. The softwood can be easily ignited, and it produces more smoke. Their softwoods are good for outside use only.

The softwoods are great for kindling, campfire, and various outdoor purposes. There are no plenty of options in the case of softwoods. But the options that are available in softwoods are great and perfect for a campfire and other outdoor activities.

  • Cedar Firewood

The small pieces of cedar firewood can be burned unseasoned. Usually, the cedar firewood produces amazing fragrance while burning. The cedar firewood will produce little flame, long-lasting heat with a strong crackling sound.

  • Pine Firewood

The pine firewood can be quickly burned, and it produces a good flame. But it is important to refuel it to keep the heat for a long time. The pine firewood acts as a perfect starter. But it is recommended this firewood outdoor because it contains high sap and resin content.

  • Larch

This softwood is hardest among various softwoods. Therefore, it is important to properly season the wood before burning it. This softwood is also harder than hardwoods. You should mix this type of firewood with the hardwood for the perfect blend. This perfect mix is good for stoves. The larch firewood requires less maintenance, and it can produce good heat for a long time.

Manufactured Firewood:

The fuel for fire should not be plain traditional firewood. Nowadays, you can easily get different types of manufactured fuel. The manufactured fuel can help in keeping your place warm during the winter season.

  • Wood Bricks

The bricks like structure are formed with the wooden logs. The wood bricks are made up of kiln-dried wood chips. The high quality of wood bricks can burn for a long time and produce more heat.

It is so because the high-quality wood bricks have a low moisture content as compared to the traditional firewood. The wood bricks burn more efficiently, and they leave less ash behind. It means your fireplace will remain clean.

  • Wooden Pellets

The wooden pellets are just like wooden bricks. The only difference between the two is that the wood pellets are made up of little pellets. The wooden pallets are manufactured to burn inside a special kind of heaters. Well, you can also use them for standard or traditional stoves. The wooden pallets burn quickly.

Therefore, you should prefer to burn them inside the special heater. If you want to replace your old stove with the new one, then it is recommended to purchase a pellet stove. The pellet stoves are highly efficient as compared to the traditional stove. The wooden pellets are costlier but they can produce good heat and keep your place warm.

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