Drop Ship Suppliers

What Are the Benefits of Partnering with Drop Ship Suppliers?

The greatest issue in the wholesale business is packing and shipping the products. How would it be if you have the products at your doorsteps without much hassle? The drop shippers do this for you. They are specialized in packing and shipping the products.

What are drop ship fulfillment services and who are drop shippers? Let us just skip this part and look into what they have to offer for the wholesale clothing business. A lot of money and time is spent on packing clothing and delivering it to the customers. You need to have a constant track of the shipment. Things are much more complicated.

Certain wholesale dealers offer drop shipping services. If that is the case all you have to do is place the order and wait for the goods to arrive. No need to keep a constant check on the shipment. And if you are a wholesale clothing vendor, there are several drop shipping’s companies available.

You can sign up for a contract with them and they will take care of the packing and delivery. You just have to provide them the goods and the destination. The drop shippers will give updates on the status of the delivered package. With the drop shippers watching your back you do not have to maintain records of the shipment and other details related to it.

You can spend more time nurturing and expanding your business instead of getting involved in the hassle of shipping the wholesale clothing. With the shipping being outsourced you do not have to worry about the paperwork involved in shipping the goods.

Drop Ship Suppliers

Shipping usually requires proper registration and legal shipping license and it requires frequent updates. All this is taken care of by the drop shipping company. You now deliver your wholesale clothing anywhere without any hassle. Everybody dreams of leaving their boring job and starting their own business.

The internet is providing us with the latest trend. Dropship wholesale is getting a lot of traffic on the net and it is proving to be a very lucrative business. For those with good online retail businesses, drop shipping may be the key to your growth and success. Dropship suppliers handle the execution of goods and order delivery to customers on behalf of a seller.

Listed below are six benefits of partnering with dropship suppliers.

  1. Lower Start-up Costs 

Setting up a drop shipping account can be as low as around $50 a month. Some may even offer flat yearly licensing fees. Sellers can test-out products without the need to place initial bulk orders. Storage costs are non-existent. No need to set up merchant accounts with UPS or FedEx either.

  1. Reduces Total Inventory, Packaging, and Shipment Expenses 

Drop shippers take care of product import and storage, they handle packaging and delivery. This offers a substantial reduction in operating costs for the business. Sellers can then pass these savings along to their customers in the form of more competitively priced products.

  1. Only Pay When Orders Are Placed 

Sellers only pay for the execution of orders once customers have placed them. Sellers won’t have to worry about unsold stocks as well.

  1. Access to a Wide Range of Product Options 

Drop shippers can offer a huge catalog of products. Products are not as cheap compared to getting it directly from manufacturers. The total savings in logistic costs more than makes up for the slightly higher product prices.

  1. Faster Order Turn-around, Happier Customers 

Dropship suppliers would already have an effective delivery and distribution system in place. They can get the product to the customer faster and probably for a cheaper cost. To sellers establishing themselves, this is very crucial.

  1. Sellers Get to Focus More on Their Business 

Since drop shippers take care of the logistics side, sellers can devote more time to improving their businesses. Ultimately, this leads to helping sellers become more competitive. Dropship suppliers are not without their problems. Backorders are one of the biggest challenges facing sellers on a drop shipping network.

Order shipment delays can occur if the drop shipper does not have the product currently stocked. There is also the issue of damages to products upon delivery. What’s more, all these can reflect — not on the drop shipper — but the seller. Good online product suppliers’ directories can help sellers find drop shippers that are reliable, competitive, and offer quality goods.

Online product supplier directories are the best way to find reliable drop shippers these days. With a small fee, sellers get access to thousands of manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and suppliers. If you have a product in mind for your retail business, you can almost always find a supplier with the help of these directories.

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