4 Myths Pediatricians Want You to Stop Believing in

4 Myths Pediatricians Want You to Stop Believing in

When parents start expecting a baby, it is very common for them to rush to a pediatrician and get advice on raising a child correctly. But a lot of times, it has been observed that the child specialists give tips and tricks that can be questionable. 

According to the best child specialist in Lahore, a lot of times parents make blunders when they indulge in wrong practices to take care of their children. There are a number of myths and misconceptions that are believed to be true and the reason behind that is the faith of the grandmothers and the older people in the family that have been trying a whole lot of home remedies on children to treat their issues. 

Well, it is now time to educate you about all the wrong that has been happening for a long period of time. It’s time to learn the correct measures and ways to deal with your children. So, let’s dig in. 

Myth 1: Babies of 3 months old should sleep through the night

A baby of 3  months old is expected to sleep through the night and it is kind of true. But it is never a sure thing. Babies of this age should not be expected to fall asleep so deep that they don’t wake you up at night. 

If your baby is not sleeping through the night and needs to feed in between then this should not be made a big issue. It is said by experts that the child should be allowed to direct the parents about the routine or schedule that he would be following. 

It is not a good practice to try out routines and sleep schedules on babies that are younger than 4 months old. So, let’s debunk this myth and wait till 4 months and then schedule a proper sleep time for the kids.

Myth 2:  Excessive crying is a sign of a serious disease

A baby crying and acting fussy during the first few weeks of its life is very much normal. When a baby is excessively crying, it is important for the parents to first check if the baby is doing fine physically. It is also important to make sure that the baby is properly fed, has pooped, and is peeing fine. 

If a baby is crying more than usual then it is a huge sign that the baby is suffering from infant colic. In this case, the baby might keep crying for the first few weeks of his/her birth. 

The baby usually calms down when it is held by the parents or the caretaker. This is a good sign that the baby is completely fine. Parents need to take a chill pill and let their babies cry for some time as this doesn’t always mean that the baby is suffering from a serious disease. So, here this myth is also debunked.

Myth 3: Baby walkers can help a lot in walking

Well, just like other myths, this one is completely wrong and misunderstood concept. A lot of babies are brought walkers at a very young age of months old and it is expected that they will start to walkway before other kids. Well, this is a completely wrong belief. 

It has been observed that walkers can lead to a number of injuries in children since these can make the children fall down the stairs and they can also fall over stoves, heaters, and other dangerous items at home. So, it is better to not use walkers if you want your baby to start walking early. A child clinic might help you figure out the right age at which the baby should start walking.

Myth 4: Naps don’t work

For the people who think that naps don’t do anything, let me tell you that naps are crucial for babies. They can help the babies learn quicker, Behave properly and have a good sleeping schedule. If the baby stays awake the whole day it is a sure thing that the baby is going to get cranky at night time. 

Parents who keep their babies up and expect them to sleep peacefully at night think wrong. It is very important to let the babies take naps as these are healthy for their sanity. 

A toddler and an infant are expected to not stay awake for more than 5 hours. It is necessary for the parents to let the kids nap and make naps a part of their schedule until the baby reaches the age of 3. 


Raising a baby is the biggest challenge of all. But it is very important to keep a check on the methods that you are using to raise your baby. Stop focusing on all the myths and start focusing on the facts. Raise your child in the best manner possible and if you think that your child’s behavior is changed immensely then there might be chances that your baby is suffering from serious health issues.

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