Which Type of Access Control is Right for Your Building

Which Type of Access Control is Right for Your Building

If you want to ensure the safety of people in your building, then an access control system can be beneficial. With the help of an access control system, you can reduce the risk of unfortunate events like theft, burglary, etc.

In this article, we will explain what access control is and which type is right for your building.

It is crucial to look for measures that can protect the people living or working in your building. The likelihood of an intrusion is low if a building is protected with a security system. If you have security concerns for your building, then you should consider installing an access control system. With the help of an access control system, you can allow or deny access to different parts of the building, such as the parking area, storage rooms, elevators, etc. An access control system can be beneficial for stores, hotels, commercial spaces, residential buildings, etc.

How an Access Control System Works

  • The system operator can give access to people via a key card, biometrics, etc. Every person who wants to enter the building must use the access device.
  • The access control system recognizes the code in the access device and allows entry to people who are authorised to be in the building.
  • The control system’s software tracks people who enter and exit the building. It also notifies the system operator if someone is trying to break in.

Types of Access Control Systems

While selecting the right security system, it is crucial to choose a reputed brand. Eurovigil has years of experience in delivering high-quality security systems. Here are some of the types of access control systems offered by Eurovigil that you consider installing in your building-

  • Eurovigil Digital Door Lock (Yale YDR 4110)

This access control system can be accessed by PIN code or fingerprints. Furthermore, it offers various features, like invisible keypad, voice guide, automatic locking, operation status notification, alarm, etc. This system can be beneficial for buildings, warehouses, offices, etc.

  • Eurovigil I Deter BM100 (Biometric Access Control System)

This access control system gives access to people via fingerprints. It has a scratch proof optical sensor. Furthermore, it is easy to install this device. This system can be used at banks, hospitals, etc.

  • Eurovigil ID Lock 200

It is a biometric door lock system. This device allows entry via fingerprints. Furthermore, this system can be accessed by PIN code and card. People who own commercial spaces should consider installing this access control system.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

An access control system can help the system operator know who enters and exits the property. Therefore, it can enable him/her to prevent theft, burglary, etc. Furthermore, it can help a business owner keep track of his/her employees. Also, there are many areas in a commercial space that shouldn’t be accessed by every person. An access control system allows a company to limit the number of people who can access an area in the property.

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