How Can You Be a Successful Digital Project Manager

How Can You Be a Successful Digital Project Manager

The digital world has evolved rapidly but is still relatively young. This means the specific jobs have not been around for that long, as compared to other professions. Gone are the days where pens, papers, whiteboards or sticky notes were in practice to manage the work. More people are using the internet and have a smartphone to access, build and manage digital products. So, it becomes imperative to share knowledge of how to become a digital project manager. Today’s project management teams are processing online to keep up the competition and deliver faster. With the use of digital enterprise management skills, the project management work is done efficiently with better results. These digital project managers are the new faces of project management. So if you want to become a successful digital project manager, put the pen down and study up on everything you would need to know.

What is Digital Project Management?

Digital project management is a streamlined process of managing projects digitally. With the help of project management software, these digital managers plan, delegate, track, review and measure results. Every project’s goal can be different, but the common objective of growing the business is expected from the project. Usually, digital project managers work for digital and marketing agencies who work for projects like websites, mobile apps, videos, games, social media, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.      

Responsibilities of a Digital Project Manager

The role of a digital project manager has evolved a lot over the years. More recently, project managers are responsible for ensuring all the project deliverables are completed on time and within budget. They are also accountable to make sure that the project is aligned with the business goals. While the emphasis is on making things happen, the role evolves with the following responsibilities too,

  • Creating a project plan, scheduling and budgeting
  • Assigning deadlines
  • Scheduling check-ins
  • Escalating challenges
  • Writing reports
  • Managing projects
  • Ensuring all project deliverables
  • Defining a project process
  • Holding retrospective meetings
  • Assessing and evaluating projects

What Skills are Needed to become a Successful Digital Project Manager?

Digital project management skills can be acquired through essential work experience and enrolling into the first-ever one-year MBA in digital enterprise management offered by IIM Udaipur. MBA in digital enterprise management from IIM Udaipur helps you stand out against the competition. The skillset of every digital project manager could be different based on their experiences and background. Below-mentioned are some skills needed for a successful digital project manager:

  • Strong communication skills and leadership
  • Technical knowledge
  • Cost and time estimation
  • Documentation
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Coordination with cross-functional teams
  • Risk management
  • Simplify complex workflow and project processes

You can also build your skills with relevant, practical and expert-led training with the one-year full-time residential MBA in digital enterprise management. Learn with academicians and industry practitioners through case studies, simulations and live projects about relevant processes and practices and deliver high-value projects in the emerging digital markets.

How To Become a Digital Project Manager?

A professional (marketer, designer or engineer) works on various projects in an organization. Over time, they take many other responsibilities in managing the project work. Eventually, it leads to a project management role. Moreover, there are a few things you can do to hasten your growth and become a successful digital project manager,

  • Identify and build all relevant technical skills, learn the theoretical knowledge and work your way by enrolling for the degrees and certifications required for the role
  • Learn one of the core digital competencies in a particular domain – marketing, development or design to become a digital project manager
  • Getting a management degree, especially an MBA may significantly increase your chance of getting a career in the digital project management
  • Work more on all project management duties performed in your existing role, and the faster you will climb to a successful digital project manager

There is no proven way of becoming a digital project manager. However, the minimum requirements of a bachelor degree and your knowledge, experience and a fit for the job are necessary to move along the digital project management career path. Degrees, certifications, experience in project management and technical skills can undoubtedly help. The IIM MBA courses help professionals by opening doors and ticking extra boxes to prepare for the next phase of their careers in emerging digital enterprises.

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