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Top reasons why KTM Bikes made a Big Name in the Indian Market?

The Austrian motorcycle brand KTM (Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen) entered India back in 2012. Bajaj Auto played a large role to bring the brand to India. The first motorcycle from KTM was the Duke 200.

All available KTM bikes in India including the KTM 250 series are locally produced. Simply put the KTM range available in India is built in a manner to meet the needs of Indian riders.

There are countless other reasons that made KTM a successful bike brand in India. This post in the following sections will shine a light on some of them.

KTM bikes available in India entail small displacement performance-oriented engines 

KTM has made a name for itself through its ability to make track-only as well as read-to-race motorcycles. Globally available KTM bikes come with large displacement engines. Now, India is a price-sensitive market. It means that in order to succeed, KTM had to offer mass market bikes. And by mass market bikes, KTM had to learn how to make below 1000 CC engines. Bajaj Auto helped the brand to develop a range of small displacement performance-oriented engines. This gave birth to KTM’s India lineup equipped with 125 CC, 200 CC, 250 CC and 390 CC engines. The outcome is simple. KTM became a household name among veteran, intermediate and novice bikers. 

Bikes with rev-happy engines that are easy to maintain and entail low ownership costs

KTM engines designed for India held on to the rev-happy nature that made the brand popular globally. All KTM bikes available in India to date come with single cylinder, fuel-injected engines. It means that the bikes are easy to maintain. Furthermore, KTM’s India line-up is fuel efficient and entails relatively low maintenance costs. On top of this, thanks to Bajaj Auto, KTM has been successful in expanding its service network. In a nutshell, owning a KTM is hassle-free.

All KTM bikes boast never-seen-before design language

Every KTM bike compels onlookers to turn their heads. The brand has revolutionized the Indian motorcycle sector. Every KTM bike boasts of road presence, design language and styling elements that are second to none.

KTM bikes come equipped with aerodynamic inserts from the factory

KTM bikes come with organically integrated aerodynamic inserts from the factory. In simple words, even at high speeds, KTM bikes feel planted on the tarmac despite the weather conditions.

KTM bikes are equipped with impressive features

Just like the brand’s global bike lineup, KTM’s bike lineup for India comes equipped with impressive features from the factory.

Some examples are enunciated in the sections below.

  • Every KTM bike is equipped or built around the critically acclaimed Trellis frame. Bikes with Trellis frames are agile, and entail impressive structural strength but are light weight. Furthermore, bikes built around a Trellis frame are easy to repair after an accident.
  • Every KTM bike is equipped with racing-tuned and track-tested transmission systems.
  • All KTM bikes are equipped with WP APEX Suspensions.
  • Premium KTM bikes such as the RC 390 or Duke 390 are equipped with ByBre (By Brembo) brake callipers! Furthermore, premium KTM bikes also come with slipper clutch systems. In case a rider has to downshift while moving at cruising speeds, a slipper clutch would make the process smooth. In simple words, a slipper clutch will not lock up the rear wheel when the rider downshifts at cruising speeds.
  • Bikes like the Adventure 390 come with rear ABS sensors that can be turned off on the fly. A switchable ABS sensor (SuperMoto mode) allows riders to enter corners with style by drifting.

The power-to-weight ratio of KTM motorcycles is unmatched

KTM motorcycles are known for their impressive power-to-weight ratio. A lightweight bike with a racing tuned engine increases its power-to-weight ratio. It means that even a 125 Duke will perform like a 180 CC bike on straight lines and corners!

Want to learn more? Visit a KTM dealership and take a test ride on a KTM motorcycle today!

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