Choosing the right swimming pool paving material is essential for securing, preserving and decorating your pool area. Swimming pool paving materials are available in diverse colours, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes. They make your swimming pool area aesthetically appealing and a space where you can unwind and spend your leisure time with your family and friends. 

Types of Swimming Pool Pavers in Demand

Amidst several options, the following are some of the best swimming pool paving and coping options:

  • Travertine – Since ancient times travertine has been a popular building and paving material. The Romans used to mine deposits of travertine for building their aqueducts, bath complexes, monuments, temples and amphi-theatres like the famous Colosseum. In modern times, it is one of several natural stones that is preferred to be used for building, bullnose coping and swimming pool paving. Because of its low porosity, salt tolerance, durability and resistance to heat, it is perfect for swimming pool areas as the pavers remain cool giving your poolside a feeling of tranquillity. 
  • Sandstone Pavers- Sandstone pavers are available in a variety of colours because of their impurities. They are available in shades of brown, tan, red, grey, yellow, black, white and pink. Popularly used for construction since prehistoric times, sandstones are easier to work with and can be used for decorative purposes on swimming pool pavers. Though its resistance to weathering varies, it gives your swimming pool area a beach-like finish and appearance. Bullnose coping adds to its finish with smoother edges. 
  • Bluestone- Bluestone enhances the appearance of your swimming pool by adding contrast to the blue water of your pool. Its natural tone of greyish-blue colour compliments your pool area and makes it look splendid. The attractively grey coloured surfaces are due to the presence of ferric oxide and other minerals. Placed around your swimming pool area with bullnose coping gives it a cool, sleek and bluish appearance. It has a nostalgic essence that is liked by consumers. 
  • Marbles- One of the best options for swimming pool paving and bullnose coping, are marbles. They are constructional stone slabs composed of dolomite, calcite or serpentine. White marbles are often referred to as the ‘shining stone’ as it gives a bright, shiny look to your swimming pool. Available in various shades of white and grey, marble pavers can be polished giving your pool area a pristine look. 

Benefits of Bullnose Coping

For your swimming pool pavers bullnose coping have several benefits to offer:

  • Bullnose coping is used for protective and finishing purposes. The edges of the pavers can be shaped or trimmed giving them a smooth round edge. 
  • With the use of quarter-bullnose coping, a 180-degree curve can be created giving a more finished appearance to the pavers. 
  • The thickness on the edges shall protect the pavers from quick wearing. 
  • Bullnose coping projections often discard runoff water quickly without hitting the wall. The copings can be used as a place to sit on and relax near the pool. 
  • Bullnose copings are resistant to impact. 

So, visit your nearby retail store or one-stop construction company to get the swimming pool of your dreams.

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