Reddy Kancharla

Reddy Kancharla Provides An Insight Into Construction Engineering Management

Construction engineering management is one of the five types of projects in the field of civil engineering. It involves the application of both the scientific and technical understanding of infrastructure construction developments. It primarily deals with the creation of bridges, roads, buildings, and railways. 

Reddy Kancharla is an esteemed name in the construction and civil engineering industry in America. He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from the Texas Tech University at Lubbock. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. He has a successful career that spans over 25 years in the field of geotechnical consultation, civil construction, and construction QA/QC, along with ten years of rich experience in senior management. 

He started his career as a construction engineer for Vivek Builders in India, where he was assigned the responsibility of structural design for commercial and residential buildings. He later became a research assistant at his alma mater at Texas Tech University, where he began to teach students about testing and construction materials to approximately 50 to 100 civil engineering students from undergraduate classes per semester.

 After two years, he returned to the work field and became a senior engineer and laboratory director at Haller Engineering Associates and Testing Laboratories in New Jersey. As a senior engineer, he was responsible for overseeing the structural failures, the structural design, foundation investigations, construction discrepancies, foundation investigations, and the design of projects. He is also actively involved with the corrective action planning of various roadway and building construction projects in the New York metropolitan area. 

Focus on design 

In the field of engineering, the key focus is on its design, while in construction engineering management, emphasis needs to be placed on the supervision of the real project. The latter signifies both the construction and engineering management of the project, and it is a bridge for the execution of both the design and project at hand. 

The primary goal of any construction engineering project is to develop it in the safest, sustainable, efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly way. Engineers define the operation, maintenance, and renovation that concerns the lifespan of the structure that is being built. Asset management comes after the construction. 

What does the construction engineering manager do?

The major role of the construction engineering manager is to complete the project. The manager may specialize in housing or commercial construction, electrical system design, HVAC or mechanical, heavy construction, or highway. The manager should have both leadership and technical skills to facilitate successful projects. The professional should carry the knowledge to direct estimation and plan the associated costs for the development of the project. 

Managers in construction engineering are based in the central office; however, they visit job sites to oversee the correct standards in the projects that are maintained and enforced. The managers in the field of construction engineering are often requested to visit these development sites to survey the location so that they can focus on environmental issues, the local codes, and laws. All of the above should be complied with when a project is undertaken for its successful completion. 

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