How do you Wear Aviator Sunglasses?

How do you Wear Aviator Sunglasses?

If you love aviator sunglasses and how they convey command and competence, you might want the fighter pilot look of precision and confidence. But how do people wear these things if they’re going to ensure they send the right message at the right place and time? Well, that depends on how they use them. Aviator shades fill one role on construction sites and another during power lunches at trendy sidewalk coffee shops. Let’s take a closer look at some of these settings.

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Doing jobs

Aviator shades were introduced by famous eyewear manufacturer Ray-Ban in the late 30s with a particular objective in mind: clarifying and protecting the vision of fighter pilots fighting in World War 2. The eye wear’s lightweight frames, partnered with darkened lenses, were functional and comfortable to the user, cutting down glare, as well as helping fighter pilots see their surroundings. A horizontal bar connecting frames kept pilot’s sweat out of their eyes. These shades emanate and radiate precise control and authority, making them a perfect fit for:

Emergency Medical Technicians

Military officers

Police officers

Correctional officers





Crew leaders

Bus drivers

Power line technicians

Heavy machinery operators

People doing outdoor works

These are just some of the people who needed this kind of shade. Pretty much anybody whose work takes them outside can enjoy the psychological and practical benefits of wearing these sunglasses.

Starting an adventure

These things provide very simple eye protection if the person is into sailing the open waters, mountain climbing, or ski touring. The more glare people deal with, the more likely they will need lenses with anti-reflective capabilities that can deflect the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet radiation. Individuals might also need to attach side sunglasses to provide a full-sun-blocking feature.

Another option is wireframes with a wrap-around behind the ear. That keeps the wearer’s sunglasses from falling off while tumbling down a double-black-diamond ski slopes or ziplining through jungle canopies.

Playing sports

Eyepieces like David Beckham Glasses pair well with brimmed hats to keep the sun’s rays from leaking in at the sides or over the top of the frames. That is why they are good to wear when playing baseball, getting outside the house for a simple workout, and running or jogging. But if you play beach volleyball or golf and need to have a head-hugging wrap-around, do not try to make aviator shades do a job they are not designed for.

Hanging out and kicking back

These sunglasses are excellent at the beach, for strolling in crafts and art fairs, or in outdoor restaurants or coffee shops. But they do signal a can-do attitude and toughness. If that is your real personality, then go for it. But if you are a laid-back individual who likes wearing Wayfarers, aviators might give the feeling that you are trying too hard to impress other people.

Making fashion statements

World War 2 personalities like General Douglas MacArthur popularized aviator shades during his return to the Philippines during the Leyte Landing. There is a place and time for announcing “troop returns in combat,” so wearers need to make sure that the sunglass fits the situation.

These things are more functional than pretty stylish. They look better with blue jeans and a t-shirt than with custom-tailored business suits. If a person is going for an outdoor lunch, they might want their sunglasses to provide them with a more businesslike representation.

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