Eugene Bernshtam - How Should You Balance Your Home Design

Eugene Bernshtam – How Should You Balance Your Home Design

Your home is one of the most important spaces in your life. It is a place where you and your family are supposed to live and feel safe. It is a space where you can feel free and be yourself. As a homeowner, it is essential for you to balance both the home’s visual and physical elements. This boosts your measure and feelings of contentment higher as a homeowner. 

Eugene Bernshtam – The development of residential properties 

Eugene Bernshtam did his graduation from the Loyola Business School in finance with a Bachelor’s degree. He received Series 7 and 63 certifications for selling investment securities. He started to work for investment banking first directly out of college. He subsequently worked for several multi-national companies and currently heads the commercial real estate development company Avalon Holdings, LLC with its affiliated entities. 

Besides the above, he is actively engaged in car restoration projects and is among the Illinois State of Secretary licensed auto dealers. He has a membership in both the Ferrari Club of America (FCA) and the Lamborghini Club of America. 

Pay attention to the external and internal areas of your home 

In his opinion, the development of residential property starts by examining the goal of both the exterior as well as the interior of your home. The exterior is the face of your house and also serves to protect people inside the home from the gazes of the outside world. This protection offers privacy while permitting the people in the home to have a good view of the outdoors as well. 

The interiors of your home should offer you a feeling of balance. It should be limited to be just a solid enclosure. It is an area of interaction with the external areas of the home. When people spend more time inside their homes, it is a good idea to bring the outside world through windows and with the addition of indoor plants. In this way, residents will not feel hemmed in or imprisoned. At the same time, this balance does not expose them to the outside world and public too much. 

How can you add balance to the rooms inside the home?

In the opinion of Eugene Bernshtam, when you are working on the interiors of your home, the elements should be balanced as well. Do not add too many items to make the space heavy on one side. It is more or less akin to a boat with too much weight on one side, causing it to dip. He recommends dividing the area of the floor into four equal parts so that all the elements you wish to add to the interiors of the rooms are distributed equally. In fact, this is a simple and one of the most traditional ways to add balance to each room in the house. 

So, when it comes to balancing home design for your residential properties, keep the above factors in mind. In this way, you can create a warm and inviting living space with success for yourself and your family!

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