Document Automation Workflow can boost your small to medium business!

Document Automation Workflow can boost your small to medium business!

There was a survey done by Salesforce where it took the data from 500 small and medium business owners regarding the relation amid business growth and automation. The survey revealed certain things about automation – If it was creating growth opportunities for the companies; if it was justifying the cost incurred for automation through generating considerable revenue; or if it was laying further challenges before the company’s path. One important thing to notice was how few small businesses had also suffered due to poor automation services offered by companies unknown to the demands of the market. Checkbox is trusted globally for the document workflow automation and has looked into the demands of the contemporary business environment. However, the doubts around how document automation workflow has changed the ways of doing business as we used to know it and Read More.

How Business Workflow Automation has provided value to small businesses:

Not only small and businesses, but every sort of business suffers from few redundancies that lead to scattering of focus and a drop in innovation and creativity. When it comes to small businesses, they have different requirements in great numbers, and these many requirements lead to huge man-power cost. Here is how business workflow automation helps them deal:

  • The low asset value of small business suffers while coping with the cost incurred into managing different man-powers. Automation helps small businesses help the work of many people all together. This does not only lead to saving of huge labor costs but saving of time alongside.
  • Small Businesses seeks a surge in the market, and this surge gets challenged by the lack of time to focus onto the creative facets of business that actually leads to its growth. Automation copes with redundancies, and this leaves business executives to nurture the business with their vital creative energies.
  • When Accounting gets automated, business gets quality assessment and output, and less errors. Many studies puts data loss due to human error at around 25%. Although training and safeguards help bring these errors down, it yet fails to keep it considerably low. Human Errors not only cost huge penalties and losses to the business, but training brings down more cost over the thin roofs of small businesses. Checkbox is trusted globally for the document workflow automation, and this helps bring not only transparency but huge reduction in human errors. Proper delegation of authorities into the decision-tree logic system helps towards this goal.
  • Proper reportage around the efforts put by the team helps adapt them quick in accordance to the market demands. When the marketing team does its research and initiates their plans, automation helps them get quick responses against their efforts.

According to the study done by Salesforce, the small business owners have said to see a growth in revenue at around 1.6 times more than those not opting for the automation. Huge amount of daily business hours gets wasted into manual works. Survey and Expert analysis has it that Small and medium enterprises are expected to grow big around workflow automation, generating a market of opportunity worth USD 1,600 million between 2017 and 2026. Automation and technology has served small businesses equal chance to show their value and compete accordingly with those already established businesses around. If you think your company, too, needs automation for a boost, request for a Demo from and see how you could gain the value by times manifold.

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