Breath of fresh air

Breath of fresh air

As the world adjusts to wearing masks, social distancing and hand sanitising, many experts are supporting the meteoric demand for high quality, industrial air filtration systems as integral to a global coronavirus defence. 

A recent CNBC article from October 2020 highlights the rapid response from air filtration industry leaders and engineering companies to thwart Covid-19’s ability to spread through air particles.  Jim Rosenthal CEO of Tex-Air Filters, submits his company has enjoyed a 15 percent increase in sales that are likened to “toilet paper in April times two”. Early pandemic evidence showed the virus is transmissible by air and it has brought about the increase in demand for effective and high-quality air filtration systems. “Filters and ventilation all play a role [in] taking the edge off the risk” states Jeff Siegel a professor of civil engineering at the University of Toronto.

Globally, a high proportion of the demand is derived from commercial building owners such as shopping centres and factories to mitigate fears of indoor transmission of the virus. Moreover, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) amended its Covid-19 guidelines, acknowledging that in some environments, “the virus can spread more than six feet through airborne particles that linger in the air”. The CDC and many other disease prevention bodies sustain the virus seeks to spread primarily through droplets produced from sneezing, coughing and speaking. What also contributes to the universal push for higher quality industrial air filtration systems was another finding: transmission occurs through smaller particles called aerosols. As symptoms persist globally, a DRYSYS high quality industrial air system can help to mitigate these risks. By incorporating filtering, temperature control, humidity control and precise control over the ambient air environment for processes, DRYSYS bespoke air systems also provide safe working environments for buildings that host a large number of employees.

The new market trend is born from existing businesses wanting to upgrade their outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to a bespoke, industrial product more equipped to reduce aerosols. HVAC systems consist of different ratings and a recent Mercury News Article cited Bayside Area Rapid Transport (BART) agency officials announced, “they plan to install new filters rated with a minimum efficiency reporting value of MERV-14 — up from the old filters’ rating of MERV-8”. The conclusion from their pilot program found these filters have denser folds and catch particles as small as 0.3 microns as opposed to older filters only retaining 3 microns.

Whether it is a high quality industrial HVAC system, building a sophisticated fume extraction system or just air balancing existing industrial air systems, DRYSYS is a leading engineering company in Australia specialising in design, inspection, installation, manufacture, and commissioning of all types of industrial air systems to suit your specific environment.

As global health officials have identified high quality HVAC and air filtration systems as an important factor to prevent coronavirus from spreading in confined spaces, commercial businesses and building owners are prompted to consider them as necessary as face masks and social distancing. 

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