Apria Healthcare Briefly Talks About IT Infrastructure in Healthcare

Apria Healthcare Briefly Talks About IT Infrastructure in Healthcare

Hospital IT departments has an important role to play in aiding hospital staff members to manage and care for the patients. Such systems are extremely important and tend to be ingrained into modern-day hospitals. In fact, it can literally be a matter of life or death if they stop working effectively. Hence, prioritizing the IT infrastructure of a hospital is extremely important.  Apria Healthcare, for instance, recently collaborated with Rackspace Technology to manage, modernize and secure its data center. The move to the new infrastructure led to greater efficiencies and savings for the company. It also bolstered the online storefronts of this popular provider of home respiratory services and related medical equipment by providing them managed hosting assistance during the peak buying season.

Investing in the infrastructure of a healthcare IT department is important for driving innovative solutions, elevating patient care, as well as fostering an upgraded physician and customer experience. No matter whether a healthcare organization requires new clinical applications or wants to create a state-of-the-art facility, having a weak healthcare IT infrastructure foundation shall inhibit the healthcare venture from achieving long-term success and prevent it from truly optimizing high-priority needs. The situation is similar for companies offering biomedical devices and tools. Having updated technology stacks contributes to ensuring that the needs of the healthcare organization would be flexible and can pivot in the ever-changing digital landscape in healthcare. By having a focus on modernizing their infrastructure, healthcare organizations can always reduce their operational expenses, improve IT staff satisfaction, allow for higher quality healthcare and boost reliability. 

Traditionally, the employees of Apria Healthcare used to maintain the data center of the company with legacy IT infrastructure to service to the needs of its customers. However, over time, the focus of its employees shifted from IT to customers as it realized that the money, time and energy needed to maintain its IT infrastructure, as well as remain compliant eventually led to inefficient use of human and capital resources. Like most businesses, Apria simply desired to focus on their core business and have their engineers and architects behind their business model.  They aimed at having these systems aligned for the purpose of creating revenue streams rather than being in the data center game. The knowledge and certifications and attention to detail offered by Rackspace Technology allowed Apria to hit their goal timeline effectively. 

Rackspace Technology is a major end-to-end multicloud technology services company that specializing in designing, building and operating the cloud environments of their customers across all major technology platforms, regardless of technology stack or deployment model. This company leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware and Managed AWS infrastructure for of Apria Healthcare for the purpose of consolidating and collocating its existing infrastructure. A part of this professional engagement produces a Total Cost of Operation comparison, which showed that the company enjoyed roughly a 32% reduction by moving to Rackspace Technology.

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