African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk : The Biggest threat to the African people and their quest to adapt to clean energy !

African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk : The Biggest threat to the African people and their quest to adapt to clean energy !

The pandemic situation created out of the Covid-19 has brought everyone’s life to a standstill. While every sector and industry faced the heat out of it, the Oil and gas sector didn’t appear as an exception. Yet, the same crisis turned up as a golden opportunity for the African governments to cut downa on their consumption of fossil fuels, while creating new possibilities for the Green New Deal.

The government could’ve made the most of the provided chance and simultaneously injected a fresh lease of life in the economy alongside. While this could be a sheer possibility, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the African Energy Chamber held a different stand altogether.

The crisis situation has pointed towards the Oil and gas industry as a highly unlikely source of tenable employment for all of the African workers. Beside, the volatile oil prices worsen the situation further, while putting the livelihood of thousands of worker on stake due to minimized industry output.

Most of the laborers and workers were left with the fact that as the decision making powers are left with CEOs and shareholders (that only aims at profit making) the efforts towards creating better employment opportunities would hold back. So, a proper strategy will be required to maintain a balance between employment creation and our contribution towards global environment.

Just in case NJ Ayuk would’ve still been a citizen of United States of America, he would’ve been making efforts to become the President of the National Refile Association, the Tea party or the US Chamber of Commerce.

His intentions are to confront the Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the International Energy Agency and any authority that will not back the utilization of Fossil Fuels. In reality, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, according to the details outfitted by charge filings, received somewhere around $3,000,000 in commission by arbitrary oil and gas firms, LNG Suppliers, Private banks, investment banks and various financial institutions.

He has not disclosed any details about the amount of money received from the same African governments that he reproaches for not tolerating Capitalism, pro Zionist and pro Oil plot.

Even when you try to contact people close to Mr Ayuk, you will get to know the dirty insights of the entire nexus. You will hear words like “don’t allow them to take away your future” ,”Government and politicians still stands as the most significant issues in Africa” and not the corporate personal stakes he brags about. He intensely pushes Nigerian oil vendors to obtain certain agreements for crude petroleum supply against Geneva based firms.

Just when we tried to contacted Mr Ayuk for a quick catch-up while pointing towards the questions we had for him, he laughed and said, ”  

Staying on media’s shoulders for his vested interests!

Mr Ayuk isn’t a Pan African energy envoy. He is a hypocrite who fires his shots from media’s shoulders just like the Americans. You may know him as a specialist speaker who will fantasize about making Africans stay with oil and gas against their interests and close their eyes towards clean energy.

He tries to shrug off socialism and deems it as the biggest reason for most of the issues within the African continent. Mr Ayuk has completely surrendered himself and Africans to the oil and gas industry, and they couldn’t have asked for a bigger name to advertise their immoral objectives. His call of making energy poverty a past thing is disgusting and a well-planned ploy against the Global climate action plan.

South Africa’s African National Congress has corruptly dealt with the Covid crisis. Africa Oil Week decided to move to Dubai which is safer than South Africa or any African country. Mr Ayuk actually stood adhered to his hardball techniques. He went on with his dirty tricks of letting Africa Oil Week go to Dubai. He additionally called a meeting involving some big names from the Oil and gas sector in Africa in association with African Energy Chamber. The meeting was named as African Energy Week and clashed with London based Hyve Group and its African Oil Week show. The meeting only involved discussions regarding oil and gas industry, while leaving every topic regarding clean energy aside.

Most of the African Ministers detailed their withdrawal from the Dubai meeting. If a Minister doesn’t, Mr Ayuk would’ve connected to their superiors while using his influence.

Standing up to lack of sponsorship money from the financial sector, he swears by his hardball procedures. He sabotages the financial sector with a boycott for not financing African fossil fuels. Besides, he often blames them to not making an effort to acknowledge the issues. That is his entire rationale. The AEC just needs money from them and they need it on an immediate basis.

He also questions the essential aids to Africa and draw similarities with the Guyanese group pioneer Jim Jones who gave people kool aid with cyanide in it. How sickening that is. Why would he be so supportive of this Capitalist narrative that is nowhere in the common interests of the Africans?

Avoids going critical about Trump and Big Oil Companies!

The African Energy Chamber has certainly splashed some big cash towards Trump and Biden lobbyist in America to influence decisions that may impact the African Oil Industry. Clearly Mr Ayuk and the Oil and Gas industry are distressed and he even utilized Trump campaign staff individuals to work for him as his aides. This move made inward conflicts in the African Energy Chamber as he declined to reprove Donald Trump. He told accomplices that “that is America’s internal issue.

 The AEC will not be locked in with America’s own matters while being critical of the President” said Ayuk. ” we work with Biden, we work with Trump, we work with Exxon, we work with Chevron, we work with Google and Apple as long as they need to help independent economies and private enterprise in Africa” added Ayuk. Delegates like Samantha Roux, Mickael Vogel, Mandisa Nduli and Zwelahke Gila have already left his side. You may feel that he will pull out from his steady stand and speak up against Donald Trump. Yet he profanely won’t ever apologize and rather thump his chest for his evil intentions. His long term partners like Guillaume Doane and Declan Byrne also0 parted ways with Mr Ayuk and the African Energy Chamber. Mr Ayuk continues to deny and determinedly prevents any judgment from getting the Oil and Gas industry. He surely doesn’t want the clean energy element to make way into the African economies.

Most of the environmental enthusiasts and decisions makers must know that he still stands as the dodgiest man in Africa. He has a crazy ability to environment any humiliation or investigation. Don’t lets his allure, grins and attraction dupe you. The African Energy Chamber has lost its moral position and it needs to bring every effort possible to make Mr Ayuk go away. This Organization with a staggering team supporting Africa should not be driven by Mr Ayuk and his partners in South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and Texas.

When the entire world struggled with the Corona virus issue, Ayuk asked for a relief aid for oil and gas industry along with some requests regarding reduced tax deductions. He did that rather than pushing the Oil and Gas industry to help Africa, Exactly when Africans looked towards a much required support from World Bank and IMF, Ayuk was pushing a for an tax cut and unduly rebates for Oil and Gas firms. He even said, “While the Chamber believes that market forces need to determine the industry’s future and advocates for limited government across the industry, the time calls for urgent actions.

We cannot let our companies and industry collapse for the fear of losing jobs and investments that would sustain our economies for decades to come. It is worth bearing in mind, that activity in and income from Africa’s energy sector generates significant amount of demand and services from other non-oil and gas sectors of the economy”

“Key measures among the Africa’s Commonsense Energy Agenda delivered today are the augmentation of PSCs and work program changes in accordance with support investigation and guarantee the resumption of boring exercises. While investigation is a significant piece of our Call to Action, the Chamber likewise unequivocally advocates for charge help on administrations organizations, changes of upstream monetary systems, banking and monetary help, local substance advancement, motivations to framework ventures, and striking activities on eliminating fuel sponsorships”. He further added. This is how he goes towards his business interests without having any concern about the interests of the African people.  

A coarse backstabber!

He isn’t the only fish in these dirty waters and you may find people around who can go any mile while protecting his interests. He slammed Equatorial Guinea’s opposition blogger Delfin Mocache Massoko, who set off to investigate his buddy Gabriel Obiang Lima. Mocache never knew about the conspiracy against him and Ayuk simply left no stone unturned to demean his efforts.

Even Mocache didn’t come with a clean identity and his father turned out to be a vital pinion of the corrupt Equatorial Guinea government and had purportedly gotten monetary favors to join the country’s tyranny while making it through as a Minister. It is asserted that Mocache struck an deal for his father to get a stake in the recently shaped government. Ayuk found about it due to his connections inside the Equatorial Guinea security and political hierarchy.

NJ Ayuk doesn’t deserves to be called a  Pan Africanist !

You will find a big list of Europeans and Americans than Africans in his team. Seeing that, its pretty clear that he doesn’t hold any soft spot for Africans. He brings in use inappropriate words and foul language in each of the meetings and even around the office. In the event that you are German and white, you can easily find a way to work with him. Just sneak through Ayuk’s German lieutenant, Sebastian Wagner who is known for throwing random obnoxious comments to a person who doesn’t go by the instructions laid down by Mr Ayuk or Zion Adeoye, the Director of the firm.

The general working of the African Energy Chamber and Mr Ayuk is conflicting with the prerequisites of social value and general prosperity, the Paris Agreement, and the goal of keeping worldwide temperatures away from rising past 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The pandemic has push through a basic point that there are two unique ways for the Oil era to end. There’s the standard way, where we are so overpowered by the catastrophes accomplished by our oil reliance—upheavals in the kinds of war, political unsettlement, and the climate disasters of floods, droughts, rapidly spreading fires, tropical storms, and pandemics—where we can’t do much with oil.

Additionally, there is a more intentional, shrewd way, one that acknowledges value, worth, and legitimacy. If we take that course, the end of the oil and gas in Africa will be a promise to live in concordance with one another. We do have a choice and we must grab this opportunity with both hands in a quest to save our African brothers.

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