4 Points to Consider When Purchasing Custom-Made Shade Sails

Shade sails are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and custom-made shade sails are an excellent way to improve the aesthetics of any outdoor area. There are so many shade sail suppliers nowadays. Hence, it is difficult to know who to trust and who will supply you with the finest quality at the most excellent price. If you want to purchase custom-made shade sails, you need to know what to look for.

Whether you are purchasing shade sails for personal or commercial use, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you receive an excellent price. Continue reading for a list of these hints when buying heavy-duty shade sails.


One of the first things to consider is the design of the shade sail. Because you are buying bespoke shade sails, you have the freedom to experiment with the form and style of your shade sail. Of course, the location will most certainly have an impact on the form. If your shade sail is used over a parking lot, it will be different from the one used over a patio or a swimming pool area, for example. Therefore, you will need to look at available models and pick on a design for your custom-made shade sails.

Examine the UV Protection Level

Shade sails are manufactured from various materials, but not all materials are created equal when it comes to UV protection. Most shade sail fabrics have some tensile strength, but they lose a lot of their UV protection when stretched across shade sail frames. Before you purchase your bespoke shade sails, you should inspect the material to verify that it provides good UV protection. 

Select Waterproof Materials

It is recommended to use waterproof materials when purchasing custom-made shade sails. It is pointless to order shade sails if they are not waterproof, especially given how unpredictable the weather can be. Waterproof shade sails will shield you from the scorching sun as well as rain and mild storms – they are the all-weather answer!

Check The Quality Of The Installation.

Your shade sails’ installation quality is critical since it will influence how long your shade sails will endure. If high-quality materials are chosen, and proper installation is performed, there is a good possibility that your shade sails will endure a long period with minimal maintenance. Before purchasing custom-made shade sails from a shade sail supplier, thoroughly investigate them and, if feasible, see examples of shade sails that they have previously placed.


When it comes to heavy-duty shade sails, there are many things to consider. You must first choose a style and form that is appropriate for your outside area and then consider the UV protection level and the material’s waterproof qualities. Finally, before you make your purchase, inspect the quality of the provider’s installations. It is essential to contact expert shade sail providers to help you purchase custom manufactured shade sails from authorized dealers.

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