What to do Before a Dentist Cleaning?

What to do Before a Dentist Cleaning?

Are you due for your next dentist cleaning appointment? Then the best way to go is to go prepared, so here are some tips on what to do and what not to do before hitting the dental clinic.

  1. Brush as you normally would

Worrying about the appearance of your teeth may make you brush harder than normal. One purpose of having a dental cleaning is for the dentist to locate problem spots in your teeth, but when you brush too hard just before going to the dental clinic, it becomes difficult for the dentist to see those spots which hold leftover food particles. So, it would be better if you brush as you usually would.

  1. You’re free to go with prescription painkillers

If you have a history of painful cleanings, then your next visit to the dental clinic shouldn’t be as painful as before. Take a prescription painkiller like ibuprofen before the procedure begins. You are also free to tell your dentist about your pains so they can change their approach to make it less painful for you.

  1. Postpone teeth whitening

Feeling insecure about the appearance of your teeth may tempt you to whiten them but do not do that. Whitening your teeth can make them highly sensitive, and that’s the last thing you want during your dental cleaning. Whitening can come after your cleaning as that’s the best time since your teeth are cleaner and more receptive to the whitening gel.

  1. Make notes as they come to mind

You may have in mind a number of questions or complaints to tell your dentist when you meet, but you’d likely forget most of those points after driving to the dental clinic through the annoying traffic. Ensure you write them down before going.

  1. Get your oral appliance

If you own any oral appliance such as a bite guard, CPAP machine mask or any other, get it ready and take it with you to the dental clinic so it can get cleaned as well. Tartar forms on oral appliances like it form on teeth, and it’s better getting it cleaned using an ultrasound cleaning machine.

  1. Eat a protein-rich meal

The process can take quite some time, and you don’t want to be stuck in a chair when you’re feeling hungry. So before hitting the dental clinic, have some protein-rich meal instead of whole-carbs because protein keeps you feeling satiated much longer.

  1. Watch your health

If you notice you aren’t feeling too well before going for a cleaning, do cancel the appointment. It’s alright to feel bad about it, but dentists recommend it. Removing tartar requires scraping below the gum line, and this can cause bacteremia in the gum. Bacteremia is normal in healthy people, but when your immune system is already compromised, it easily gets worse from here. So it’s better to stay away from the dental clinic until you fully recover.

  1. Try to face your fears

Dentist cleaning can be a frightening experience for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The dentist wants the best for your teeth and does not intend to hurt you, so if the cleaning process begins to feel painful or discomforting, quickly let your dentist know. And no dentist would judge you for how your teeth look. They are there to help you.

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