What Are the Different Types of Door Handles? The 3 Best Door Knobs of 2020

What Are the Different Types of Door Handles? The 3 Best Door Knobs of 2020

There are some items in your home that you might not think are necessary or even give them any thought. We’d like to have a little chat about these poorly noticed items and tell you why we think you should consider taking a quick look and give them a little notice. This item isn’t going to change your life or give you that much difference in your home, but still we think it should be acknowledged. Ladies and gentlemen this item is none other than your home door handles.

Door handles maybe small items that are just there for you to open and close doors with, but they could be way more. I mean they are a doors accessory and it’s the first thing you notice when you look at a door. If you take a second while reading this and get a look at any door around you at the moment and ask yourself, is it a nice looking door handle? Do I like how it looks like on my door? If you got a feeling that it’s time for a handle upgrade then this blog is for you.

There are so many different types of door handles and we’re here to help you pick the right one for you and your home, we’re also here to give you the 3 best seller door handles of 2020 from none other than HomeWagon! The perfect online destination to all your home improvement products.

Let’s get started with the different types first and then we’ll get to the top 3 best sellers.

First we got the classic handles such as the lever handles, pull handles and door knobs. Give yourself a few minutes to search and know the difference in how they look if you’re not already familiar. The lever handle is considered the classic and most used handle in basically all houses.

Pull handles are based on their names used for passage doors and ones that require pulling or pushing. Last but not least we got the door knobs, they’re round knobs that work by rotating them both clockwise and anti-clockwise to open your doors. Some of these knobs have a lock feature for privacy to be used for bathrooms since they only work from one side only, other than that they’re mostly installed in rooms that require no privacy.

Now that we’ve explained a bit on the types of door handles, let’s get to why it’d be nice to give them an upgrade. It’s a very simple process to do so and won’t take much of your time but it’ll somehow make you feel good that you’ve actually changed something so small and did it all by yourself. Let’s start with the main door in your home being the main entrance. If you’re not happy with the way it looks then it’s time for that upgrade and we’re here to help and guide you with choosing the right one. We think that choosing the right handle depends on two things, first being the door itself and what kind of design is it, second being your home decor.

We don’t want you to get confused by what we mean with door design, you don’t have to be a door designer to know it’s just a general feel you get when you look at your door, is it classic with all sorts of carvings and colors or more minimalist being very much simple with not much carvings and a simple bold color. And by home decor it’s basically the same idea, it depends on your home atmosphere, if you have a minimalistic home then you need the simplest door handle design that gives you the same feel. Trust us it makes a difference it isn’t just about a small accessory on your door. Let’s give you examples of the top 5 best sellers and maybe it’ll start making sense to you.

HomeWagon has a huge selection of door handles from well known brands, different types, designs and colors to suit everyone’s needs and we’ll be listing their top 3 best sellers along with links and brand names.

#1 YALE matte black door handle

A beautiful matte black door handle that’s perfect for any minimalist home from the well known British brand YALE.

#2 UNION Door handle

A classic door handle shape from thebrand UNION, it’s a standard size to fit most doors and has a light weight with a beautiful finish .

#3 YALE Knob lock set

A knob handle with a lovely gold finish to give any room a fancy feel.

Of course you could find all the necessary information and descriptions of each door handle on HomeWagon. You wouldn’t need to go for door handle adventure when you could just do it online in the comfort of your own home all with a click of a button.

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