Top 5 Bathroom Floor Tile Options

Top 5 Bathroom Floor Tile Options

While it is an advantage to have a variety of flooring options, it also makes us indecisive. Especially when it comes to bathroom tiles, we often become confused. Selecting bathroom flooring is somewhat tricky as you want a durable, cost-effective, yet eye-pleasing floor for your bathroom.

However, you need not worry as we are about to discuss the top 5 bathroom floor tiles that you may choose from. These are popularly used in residential and commercial spaces in bathrooms. Each has distinctive designs to accentuate the bathroom space.

But before we learn about the bathroom tiles, you need to know 3 key factors that you should consider before choosing an option. These 3 factors are:

  1. The durability of the floor matters the most. Make sure the tiles are durable and long-lasting.
  2. Needless to say that you have to select a tile that is water-resistant and can sustain in wet conditions.
  3. Be selective while choosing the colour and pattern of the tile. It should match the bathroom interior. Having a vintage-style house and a modern bathroom would look odd. Try to match the vibe.

Top 5 Bathroom Tile Options

Now comes the question of which tile will suit the best in bathrooms. While the aforementioned points should be remembered, the look and material of the bathroom floor tiles should be considered.

Let us look into the top 5 tile options that would be best for your bathroom floor.

  1. Ceramic and porcelain tiles- These are very durable and best for classic-style homes. They can be difficult to install depending on the shape and size you are choosing. A variety of shapes, colours, and patterns are available in ceramic and porcelain tiles. They are resistant to water as well as scratches.
  2. Vinyl tiles- Vinyl tiles are very common for bathroom floors. They come in different colours and sizes. This is one of the most affordable tiles options available. They have smooth surfaces, are durable, and give a beautiful touch to the bathrooms. They can be easily installed as well.
  3. Stone tiles- Who doesn’t like stones on the floor? Yes, this can be an excellent choice for bathroom floors. Marble, granite, limestone, etc., are popular stones installed on the bathroom floor. They are all-natural and have distinctive patterns and designs. The durability, strength, and water resistance of tone floor tiles are unbeatable.
  4. Cork tiles- Cork tiles have a smooth finish and available in multiple colours. They are not solid-coloured tiles but rather tinted, giving an excellent vibe. They aren’t slippery and durable in wet conditions.
  5. Laminate tiles- Laminates are rather a modern option for wood lovers. They are good substitutes for wood, giving a natural textured floor. They are durable but not like the other options. You may need to maintain them more. But the look would be exceptional.

These are the top 5 most preferred floor tiles for your bathroom. Choose the one that matches your taste and fits your budget. 

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