The Car Battery Is Dead, What Should I Do?

The Car Battery Is Dead, What Should I Do?

Whenever there is a problem with a car battery, it becomes very similar to a running nose. And in a similar fashion, they can also cause a lot of trouble. There are multiple solutions to this problem, as well as treatment for the common cold. If the battery is completely dead, you can try to start the car using “jump wires,” or contact some online car service in Pune and replace the faulty battery with a working one. Another option is to charge your batteries from another car. And this can occur to anyone, anytime.

Why is the battery in the car dead?

The most common reason for a battery failure can be driver negligence when he forgot to turn off the internal electronic devices, headlights or the music system at night. Well, this can happen to anyone. However, when a driver faces such situations a couple of times, he will get back to the line and check everything before getting out of the car. If you are prone to forget, you can still go for a small device that will automatically switch off everything.

Human factors are not the only reasons for a car battery discharge. For example, you can switch off everything, and when you return in the morning and see that the battery has sat down to zero. In such cases, you can’t blame anyone. In addition, it is practically impossible to drive with a new battery, as after some time, it will become used and no longer hold a charge as before. If the battery failure occurs on-road, asking for help from others can become tricky, especially for those who remain deaf to other people’s problems. It is also very possible that someone can recommend you to contact auto technical assistance. Don’t worry, doorstep car service in Pune is always ready to come to the rescue in any situation.

If the battery is dead what to do

The job of the battery is to start the car. When it’s dead, you need to start the car without their help. The first and most easiest way to do this is by starting the car with a jolt. However, one must keep in mind that there is a huge difference in carrying out this procedure for cars with a manual transmission and automatic transmission.

For cars with the manual transmission, all you need is help from another car. In the car with a dead battery, apply second gear and try to turn on the ignition. If this doesn’t work, you can also call for a tow. In tow, they accelerate the car and release the clutch. This completes the first cycle of work and allows engines to start working independently. If there is no other car nearby, you can ask for help from passersby or ask passengers to get out of the car and start pushing.

It is a waste of time accelerating cars with automatic transmission, hoping that it will start. In automatic cars, the oil pump does not work until the engine is not running. The method to start the car if the battery is dead is very different. It requires the removal of the outer drive belt and wrapping the rope around the freed pulley. The next step is to turn on the ignition and pull down the rope firmly. . Fragile girls do not need to try this method because it requires significant effort. In addition, before trying this technique, make sure to shift the knob in the “P” or “N” position. It will help you avoid any mishap.

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