Effective ways to get out of timeshare contract within the rescission period

Effective ways to get out of timeshare contract within the rescission period

Getting out from the timeshare contract is not an easy option but there are several hurdles involved with it. But to cancel your timeshare contract or just to get out of it, you need to start the process early, even before signing it up. Yet again, a having professional by your side is the best option to get rid of the contract. They can help you to understand the contract better so that you can come out easily from it.  If you are within the recession period, it is really easy for you to come out of the contract. You need to follow some easy steps:

The process that needs to follow

Step 1

At first, this is foremost important to read the contract thoroughly and look for all the specific details. You need to check the deadline also to submit your rescission request. Everything that you need to know about the contract is on the paper and you have to check every line or the written contract. Make a note of your rescission deadline and the ways to get out of timeshare contract. There you will find the instruction completely.

Step 2

As you find all the information you need from the contract, the next step should be writing a cancellation. When you are writing the cancellation letter follow the guidelines. Make it short, sweet and precise. You don’t need to give complete explanations like why you have changed your mind, why you cannot afford it etc. they don’t like to read so much. All they need to know is you are just practicing your right to rescind the timeshare contract as per the agreement you have signed. Don’t forget to include your address, your name, date of purchase, contract number etc. if you have deposited money, and request the return for it. Many companies have a form available that can simplify the entire process. You can use the method too.

Step 3

You need to send the letter of rescission to the resort before the assigned deadline to get out of timeshare contract. Make a duplicate copy of the records and then send it through a certified mail. Don’t forget to request the return receipt to ensure the delivery status of it. Another important thing is the postmark. Make sure that the letter is postmarked before the assigned deadline so that you will have the right proof that you have mailed it on right time.

Step 4

When you have finished all these methods, you have to wait for approx 30 days to get their response. But if you don’t get a mail from them, you can call the home office for the status and follow up. You can inquire about the delay also. If you have followed all the steps properly, you can easily come out of your timeshare contract.

If you failed to get a response from the resort, you can choose the timeshare relief option. This is the professional way to cancel a timeshare and fix the issue legally.

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