Back to Basics – One of Australia’s best value online course providers:

Back to Basics – One of Australia’s best value online course providers

eLearning in Australia has positioned itself as a real option both in corporate training and in educational institutions so that online courses are currently in demand by more than half of the people who are looking for educational offers.

At Back to Basics (, we understand this and as an e-learning provider, we support organizations to create their online and face-to-face training programs, offering them learning and technological solutions, accompanying them in the different stages of planning, design, development, implementation, and operation.

What are the advantages of online courses?

Are you thinking of doing a course and have doubts about whether to study online or face-to-face? Sometimes online training generates certain doubts, almost always derived from prejudices that we carry and that we have inherited from traditional education. So, we have decided to make an objective analysis of what are the advantages of studying online.

Advantages of studying online

  1. Online training is compatible with other obligations:

There is no longer a maximum age to study. It is increasingly essential to follow a training plan to stay up to date in your profession or even reinvent yourself. That is why many students when they consider taking a course, have to assess whether it will be compatible with the other obligations they have (work, family, and, why not leisure time).

Online training makes it easier for them to continue training and to manage their time as they see fit.

  1. Studying online is cheaper:

Surely it is not the most important thing, but one of the factors that make many students decide to study online is the savings it represents compared to face-to-face training. Online courses are usually cheaper than face-to-face courses since the training center can optimize their resources much more.

  1. Studying courses online is the perfect option if you don’t live in big cities:

Many of us live in more or less large cities that offer you multiple services of all kinds, from public transport to a training offer in almost any field. And sometimes we forget that many people do not have these possibilities in their day to day.

For all of them, online training is a perfect option since it allows them to choose which studies they want to study and to train in whatever they want. Think that today it is possible to train with the best professors from the best universities in the world from almost anywhere on the planet.

  1. You set your study rhythm:

In traditional training, it is usual that from the beginning of a course the pace of study that all students must follow regardless of their ability or personal situation has already been set. However, online training allows students greater autonomy when setting the pace at which you progress in the course.

About us:

At Back to Basics, we are a team of experts in educational innovation, located in Australia, we have more than 23 years of experience participating in education and training projects based on the use of technologies in both private and government organizations.

We cover the entire development cycle of eLearning courses, from CPC40110 Building and Construction Certificate course to Double Diploma Packages and assembly on the virtual platform.

Do not miss to visit our site or get in touch with us to know more about our all courses.

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