Android Kids Safety Apps to Save Your Child from Dangers

Android Kids Safety Apps to Save Your Child from Dangers

Do you think the internet is a secure platform for kids? No, then install a child monitoring app for teen’s digital safety.

Children and smartphones are correlated. With the unbound use of the internet, they are vulnerable to digital dangers.

Parents will not always be present to look over kids’ shoulders. Thus, the child’s online safety is taken care of by parental control apps.

Let us take a glance at the know-how of kids’ safety apps and the list of a few best applications.

What Is A Child Monitoring App?

When parents want to keep tabs on a child’s online activities, phone monitoring apps come handy.

Once a child owns an internet-enabled smartphone, they are prone to various digital threats like inappropriate content, malicious websites, and many more. Android kids’ safety application is built to combat such cyber issues.

The software has multipurpose use that includes:

  • Controlling teen’s excessive screen time,
  • Locating their whereabouts,
  • Blocking harmful applications,
  • Helping a child during an emergency,
  • Finding the missing or lost a phone, etc.

Best Android Child Monitoring Apps:

  1. Bit Guardian Parental Control:

This application is one of the most popular parental control apps. When kids encounter an unforeseen situation, Bit Guardian offers SOS and GPS features.

Panic and SOS Alert: When your child faces any dangerous situation, one click of the SOS button send their exact location along with email notification to parents. Additionally, on pressing the button, a loud siren buzzes, alerting parents regarding the child’s circumstances.

Moreover, it provides an extra advantage of adding a guardian as another responsible person to take care of your kids in case you cannot reach them.

GPS: It is another useful tool that provides on the go safety to children. When a kid’s phone enters and exits the predefined location, the Geofence limit sends an app notification in the parent’s device. This tool also enables you to define the radius limit, which notifies the distance of kids reaching the Geofence place.

Besides setting the radius limit and virtual boundary, this software has another benefit of checking the speed limit. If teens breach the preset speed limit, parents will receive an alert and can even check the reports to analyze their driving habits.

Apart from security features, Bit Guardian offers other tools like:

  • App Blockers and App Install Blockers for refraining children from using inappropriate and downloading new applications.
  • Call Blockers for blocking spam callers
  • Time Schedule for controlling excessive screen time
  • Anti-Theft for locating the missing phone, etc.
  1. Sprint Family Locator:

This kids’ safety application allows parents to locate any phone which belongs to Sprint Family Plot. The real-time location of the family is displayed on the map.

This application is useful in finding the missing or stolen device.

  1. SPIN Safe Browser:

If you want to protect your child from accessing inappropriate web content, then install SPIN. It blocks all types of objectionable material without any need for configuration.

When kids try to access malicious applications, SPIN automatically blocks the link or website that includes adult content, malware, gambling, drugs, phishing and proxy sites, and many more.

This software works well in blocking harmful videos of YouTube channels for providing safe access to children. It has no private browsing mode, and thus your teens cannot hide their surfing from you.

  1. Sex Offender Search:

This child tracker app shows the locations of all sex crooks that are recorded in the National Sex Offender Registry. This software displays the icons and location of sex offenders on the map in your zone.

Even while traveling to a different city, this app’s map checks the sex offenders around your place. Moreover, parents can access the entire profile of each criminal and their criminal records.

  1. Safety For Kids:

It is a very useful gaming app for children that teaches them the basics of safety in different emergencies by keeping them entertained.

12 chapters in this gaming software educate your child with different sets of activities that include elevator trouble, getting lost, a danger on the road, escaping the fire, strangers at the door, and many more.

This app is a voice narrated in a clear English language, and its vocabulary is simple.

  1. Life 360 Family Locator:

This child monitoring app keeps the whole family connected. It tracks the complete record of children like their current location and places they visited in the entire day. It also has a group chat feature.

The interactive map shows the real-time location of all registered family members by tapping on their profile. It also allows for creating a separate group of adults and kids.

  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Kaspersky allows parents to control the websites and applications their children access and also displays the time duration of app usage.

You have to generate a PIN for securing these kids’ safety software from unauthorized access.

Parents receive a notification whenever a child tries to access any harmful content or application. It has various tools for call and SMS log, generating reports, tracking locations, and much more.

  1. MamaBear:

Mamabear locates a child’s whereabouts, reads the outgoing and incoming text messages, and monitors social media accounts. It sends an alert to parents’ phones when teens drive above a specified speed limit.

So which one will you choose? Versatile software with more functionalities or one with a single feature?

Select the best Android child tracking app like Bit Guardian Parental Control with multifunctional features for the complete digital security of your child.

Be a wise parent, and download this smart application today!

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